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Did Plantation workers include indentured servants and slaves?


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No. Indentured workers were very early in colonial history and slaves replaced them as workers.


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They didn’t have indentured servants. Only slaves were used.

When the colonies required indentured servants or slaves it was to do the work. The first slave arrived in Jamestown in 1609 and after tobacco got a start in the colony workers were needed. Indentured servants didn't work out as well, so more slaves were brought in than indentured servants.

There were two reasons why they turned to slavery. The first one is indentured servitude was a contract for 7 years and often people didn't finish out their contract once they arrived. This meant that they could fade into the population of colonists and no one would know they were indentured servants. While slaves were African American and anyone who was black was a slave no matter where they were. This is the second reason why slaves became popular because no matter where they were they could be picked out as a slave. To leave a plantation they had to have a pass, and slaves were property while indentured servants were workers.

They were factory workers who got very little pay. about $0.25 a day.

The answers below are wrong. Indentured servants were not outlawed. In fact, today there are people who come as indentured servants. The main problem with the process is that many people didn't finish their 7 year contract and would fade into the population. Slaves on the other hand were easy to find since all slaves were African American and they couldn't disappear into the population. The first slave arrived in 1619 and as the southern plantations took hold they needed more and more slaves/workers.

If you are asking about indentured servants it was a 7 year contract.

The settlers of the colonies used the indentured servant concept to bring workers to the colonies.

Blacks were used as slaves for plantation workers, or sometimes they would work inside the plantation owner's house to do chores with the servants.

Slaves and indentured servants allowed Southern plantation and farm owners to maximize the profits from sale of their crops by eliminating the need to pay wages to their workers. Indentured servants were much more popular in the North, however, as many of them were poor, skilled whites who emigrated from Europe and agreed to enter a limited servitude in order to pay off the cost of their crossing. Southerners were disinclined to take this option, as the servants would eventually need to be freed, and most of them even earned a small wage.

At the start of the war: * plantation workers * house servants

There were not enough indentured servants to meet the high demand for workers.

Kay Saunders has written: 'Workers in bondage' -- subject(s): History, Indentured servants, Melanesians, Plantations, Social conditions, Sugar workers

slaves (and free workers called indentured servants) worked on plantations, large farms on which crops are grown

free laborers were most likely artisans,as well as trappers,millers and so on.

The plantation hierarchy changed drastically during the war. Plantations were usually family run enterprises and many fathers, sons, brothers and uncles were now enlisted to fight for the confederacy. In addition, non family workers like overseers and indentured servants also became involved in the war. The biggest change, however, was the changing roles of the slaves. Many ran away to fight for the Union and their freedom.

They needed workers and indentured servants didn’t work out. Anyone who was African was a slave so it was very easy to know where they were.

I'm not so positive that I'm right, but this is what i have Because they had indentured servants which meant that they volunteered to work without pay in exchange for transportation to America. Well, once their indentured servants left they needed help so they enslaved Africans to their job for them. Hope this helps

They helped crops- crops that were always needed Indentured servants made up the majority of workers. Indentured servants are servants who work for somebody for a number of years, if the person they work for pays for their journey from Europe to the colony. Trade was also important. One major product was wheat. slaves and women also ran stores and farms to help the colony. Hope you love me )(

European governments and proprietors of colonies brought indentured servants from Europe. They also brought captives from African and kept them in slavery.

the life of the workers in coffee or tea plantation are different from workers in indigo plantations because

The first Africans brought to America for the purpose of labor were done so through indentured servitude. Because many indentured servants left once their time was served, colonists found that they lost many skilled workers. Because of this, slavery was adopted instead as a means of retaining laborers

Plantation owners did not use white servants and only had African American slaves. Native Americans were not used because they would simply leave. If an African American was found off the plantation without a pass he was taken into custody and all people who were black were slaves so they stood out in the population. It was easy to tell who was or was not a slave.

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