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She has been singing professionally since 1976. But if you're referring to her new show "Malibu Country" where she is also doing some new music, it's on ABC on Fridays, 8:30/7:30 Central.

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What TV show is Kira from?


What Reba Macentire album is Angels lullaby on?

It is spelled Reba McEntire and this song is not on an album it is recorded for the TV Show Reba. you can buy the mp3..

When is Reba 5 going to be on tv?

it already is. you can probably find it online at the Reba sitcom website

When did the TV Reba leave the air?


What are the release dates for Reba Starting Over - 1995 TV?

Reba Starting Over - 1995 TV was released on: USA: 24 November 1995

What song did Reba sing to her newborn granddaughter?

Reba does have a couple of granddaughters in real life and one of their names is Chelsea. However, in the TV show Reba, Reba sings Angels Lullaby to her newborn granddaughter.

Are Reba Mcentire and Christopher Rich married?

No... Reba and Chris were married on the television program REBA, but Reba McEntire has been married to Narvel Blackstock for the last 20 years. They were married in 1989. Reba and Chris met in 1991 when they were in The Gambler together.

Is cheyenne off of the tv show Reba actually Reba mcentire's kid?

No. Her name is JoAnna Garcia. She is not related to Reba McEntire. Reba has one son, Shelby Steven McEntire Blackstock and three step-children.

What are the release dates for Live by Request Reba McEntire - 1999 TV?

Live by Request Reba McEntire - 1999 TV was released on: USA: 23 November 1999

Does Reba McEntire base the tv show Reba on her life?

No, the television show Reba does not reference Reba's actual life. However, the second season started using ideas from Reba's song 'I'm a Survivor' which became the theme song for the shows development.

When did Reba mcentire start acting?

In the 1990s she continued to tour and record and branched out into television and movie roles. In late 2000 she took over the title role of Annie Oakley in the Broadway show Annie Get Your Gun. McIntire made her motion picture debut in the 1990 film Tremors

What are the release dates for CMT Greatest Moments Reba McEntire - 2006 TV?

CMT Greatest Moments Reba McEntire - 2006 TV was released on: USA: 21 July 2006

What are three major accomplishments for Reba McEntire?

Reba McEntire was a rodeo champion before her big career in country music. She is the only female in country music to win, "Female Vocalist of the Year Award," at the Country Music Association 4 years in a row! She is also, the only female in country music to have her own hit television sitcom. Also, she is only 1 of 4 females in the Country Music Association History to win the big, "Entertainer of the Year Award." Loretta Lynn won the award in 1972, Dolly Parton in 1978, Barbara Mandrell in 1980, and then Reba took the award home.

Who played Reba's mom on Reba TV series?

Dorothy Lyman

What is the best TV series?

it is a tie between Reba and Still Standing

What is a four letter tv show?


Where was the Reba show filmed?

The Reba television show was filmed in Los Angeles, California. The show is set in Houston, Texas and ran for five seasons.

On the Reba TV show why did the middle child move back in with Reba after she had gone to live with her father?

Because it was her senior year, and she wanted to spend it with her mom.

Where was the TV show Reba filmed?

It was filmed in the studio in Culver City, LA.

Where is a pitcher of Reba Mcintire's mom?

You can see Reba's mom in any of her earlier specials. Or you can Google her her name is Jackie McEntire. She was also in one of Reba tv episodes. When Reba and Barbara Jean and her are in a pageant at Jakes school. She's the one who gives Reba a dirty look backstage

Did Nell Carter appear in a couple of the Reba TV shows?

Yes. She was the therapist in S1E03.

What Television Stars start with R?

· Reba McEntire · Dan Rather · Andy Rooney

What job does Quincy Jones in music?

Quincy Jones is an entertainer/ music producer who has worked with such big names as Michael Jackson. He has worked as a television producer as well as a trumpeter.

Will Reba McEntire star in a new tv series?

So far the actress (joanna Garcia) her daughter on the last show Cheyanne is staring in a new show and Reba is making an appearance

How can you buy that song angel's lullaby by Reba?

It is not recorded on an album it is only recorded for the TV Show.