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No, Rosa Parks never killed anyone.

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Did Rosa Parks kill herself?

No, Rosa Parks did not kill herself. She died of natural causes at the age of 92.

Did Rosa Parks have any disabilities?

As far as anyone can tell Rosa Parks had no diabilities

How was Rosa Parks smart?

Not sure, can anyone else help...?

Did Rosa parks help anyone?

Yes. Black people.

Who is a famous dead women?

Rosa Parks and Helen Keller Rosa Parks and Helen Keller Rosa Parks and Helen Keller Rosa Parks and Helen Keller Rosa Parks and Helen Keller Rosa Parks and Helen Keller Rosa Parks and Helen Keller Rosa Parks and Helen Keller Rosa Parks and Helen Keller

How did Rosa park get inspired?

I think Rosa Parks did not get inspired she is just being her self not anyone else.

What is Rosa Parks doing now?

ROSA PARKSRosa Parks has passed away and now she is dead

Rosa parks uncle name?

Rosa Parks uncles name was Robert McCauley. I found this answer in the book: My story Rosa Parks, by Rosa Parks

What was another one of Rosa parks accomplishments?

Rose Park's accomplishments was that she followed her own in did her own while not following anyone Else Rosa parks is a example of life

Who did Rosa Parks marry?

Rosa Parks married Raymond Parks.

Who married to Rosa Parks?

raymond parks married rosa parks

Did Raymond Parks cheat on Rosa Parks?

No, Raymond Parks was faithful to Rosa Parks.

What was the name of the book that was written about Rosa parks?

Rosa Parks' book is called Rosa Parks: My Story

What is a speech done by Rosa parks?

Rosa Parks has given a speech. Rosa Parks gave a speech in 1995. Rosa Parks gave her speech at the Million Man March. Rosa Parks was a Civil Rights activist.

Was Rosa Parks an attorney?

No, Rosa Parks was not an attorney.

Facts about Rosa parks?

Rosa Parks had no children

Was Rosa Parks assassinated?

No, Rosa Parks was not assassinated.

What inspired Rosa Parks?

what inspired rosa parks?

What is Rosa parks job?

Rosa Parks was a secrearian

Was Rosa Parks bipolar?

No, Rosa Parks was not bipolar.

Did Rosa Parks have a zebra?

No, Rosa Parks did not have a zebra.

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