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James Cameron said he wants the viewer to decide wheter Rose died or not. But it's more obvious that Rose died rather than just dreaming. Jack said Rose would die an old lady warm in her bed, Rose's pictures are all the things she planned to do with Jack, When Rose walks in all the people who died are around her and she meets Jack again at the clock.

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Q: Did Rose Calvert die at the end of the movie Titanic?
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At what age does Rose calvert die in titanic?

Rose=the character died as an old lady- not as a victim of the Titanic sinking.

What year did rose from the Titanic die?

This is Rose and Jack from Titanic we are real characters from the movie

How did Rose Calvert's mom die?

She, a character in the movie, Titanic, drowned. If you're talking about the old woman who played the role of Rose Calvert at the end of the move, the actress's name is Gloria Stuart and she was 100 years old when she died of natural causes.

How did rose in titanic die?

of old age (in the movie, not in real life)

How did rose die from titanic?

Rose, from the movie, died in her sleep - presumably from old age. They don't say how, though.

In Titanic when did cal die?

He did not die on the titanic but later died in the crash of 29 he put a pistol in his mouth if you whatch the movie rose says it at the end

When the Titanic sank did Jack and Rose die?

In the story line of the movie, Titanic, Jack died when the ship sank. Rose was rescued and lead a long and happy life.

Is rose from the titanic is die now or alive?

Rose was not real. She was made up for the movie, so she is neither alive or dead.

Does Rose from the Titanic movie die?

She didn't when the boat sank. but she died as she got older :PThere actually was nobody named Rose on the Titanic. She was just a fictional character from the 1997 movie. In the movie Rose survives the disaster and lives to be over 100 years old.

When did Rose Bukater die?

In 1998, shortly after the movie Titanic was being filmed and edited.. It was short enough not to use her in the movie.

Did rose from the titanic die in the ocean?

No, she did not die when the Titanic sank but Jack did though, at the end of the movie as an old lady she died and went to heaven with Jack. I just watched the movie 6 min. ago.

Did rose die on the titanic?

She didn't when the boat sank. but she died as she got older :PThere actually was nobody named Rose on the Titanic. She was just a fictional character from the 1997 movie. In the movie Rose survives the disaster and lives to be over 100 years old.

Did rose in the Titanic ship die?

No Rose was telling a story about the Titanic but Jack died by freezing to death.

At the end of Titanic did Rose die?


Is jack from titanic married?

No but he would be to Rose if he did not die in Rose's arms.

Did jack actually died in the movie of Titanic?

he did die when the ship sunk and he froze to death but it was either him or rose and he saved her:'(

When did rose die from the Titanic?

yeterday... i kno my facts

What year did the real Rose from the titanic die?

Rose and Jack are NOT real characters

In Titanic 2 how does rose die?

All stop! there is no such ship or movie. Rose survived in Titanic! There is no Titanic II. Accidents are bad for business. Big ships cost big bucks. For the record Jack died falling off a rope in a rescue bid.

Did rose die in the ocean as the titanic sank?

No rose did not die in the ocean when the titanic sank. From every one who got saved are all dead but Rose was the last person to die. date: May 10, 2011 wrote by: Nicole

Did jack and rose die at the end of titanic?

Jack died

When did Rose from the Titanic die?

Rose died as an old woman just like Jack said.

What three similarities from the Titanic book and the Titanic movie?

1• rose and jack are together 2• the sinking takes place on april 14 1942 3• a lot of people die

What year did rose die from the Titanic?

Rose was a character in the story and never existed but in the mind of the writer of the story. The only thing true about the movie was the fact that the Titanic hit an iceburg and sank killing people on the ship. The rest of the story was fictional.

Did the Titanic survivor die at 102?

Approximately 700 people survived the sinking of the Titanic. So you need to specify which survivor you're talking about.Also, Jack and Rose from the Titanic movie were not real people. They are fictional characters.