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Q: Did Rousseau think only president should declare war?
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Who did Rousseau think should rule society?

Rousseau believed in the concept of the "general will," where the entire social body collectively determines laws and policies for the common good. He believed that the people as a whole should rule society rather than a monarch or elite ruling class. Rousseau argued for a direct democracy where citizens participate in decision-making processes.

Should the president be allowed to essert special powers and declare war?

no because he dont need to have to much power over what i think.

Who exercises the power to declare war?

the president Doesn't the president tell congress why they think American should go to war, then congress decides if it's a good idea, and declares war?

What did Jean Jacques Rousseau think of equality?

he thought all men should be equal but not women....

What was Henri Rousseau's nationality?

he was french. i think.... Yes, he was.

What did Jean Jacques Rousseau think of rococo?

Rococo was a period of time in which Rousseau lived, so this question makes no sense

What is Jean-Jacques Rousseau nickname?

He doesn't really have a nickname but he is just called Jean Rousseau since they werent a bug think back then

How much money is it to meet the president?

I don't think money is a factor. It is about who you are to the president and why the president should meet with you.

What did Rousseau think about absolutism?

He thought it was stupid and that the monarchs had chodes.

What procedures do you think should be followed for the replacement of a president who dies?

I think what they have in place. The Vice President, speaker of the house, etc

What abilities should your president have?

I think the prez should be loyal and honest

How did President Lincoln think the South should be treated after the Civil War ended?

I think President Lincoln thought the South should be treated a little less than equal.