Did Samson run faster than horses in the Bible?

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Yes he sure did.
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Is a horse faster than a greyhound?

This very thing is up to much debate. There are sources that say that yes, a horse is faster than a greyhound, but others that argue otherwise.

Can a Zebra run faster than a horse?

Nope!. Zebras can run fast, but only barely fast enough to escape being chased and caught for a meal. Horses are much faster because they have been domesticated for years to do so.

Is an emu faster than a horse?

No.. The fastest horses, bred and raced for short distances at speed, can reach 50 miles per hour. The top speed of an emu is 50 kilometres per hour (about 30 miles per hour). The advantage the emu has over almost any other animal (including a small, lithe cat) is its ability to make a sudden 180 d ( Full Answer )

Is a horse faster than a kangaroo?

A horse is able to gallop faster for short bursts. However, thekangaroo has endurance to maintain a fast bounding for much longerthan a horse can.

Is a giraffe faster than a horse?

No. I would say that after 5 metres, the giraffe would trip over it's own long legs. Then, after the giraffe had got back up again, the horse would have already galloped past.

Is a horse faster than a dog?

No and yes, the greyhound is faster than a horse in short distance while the horse would win in long distance.

Can a horse run faster than a camel?

Yes a horse can run faster than a camel however a camel can run a lot farther than a horse and are a lot better at survival in almost every way.

Is a horse faster than a giraffe?

yes because if the giraffe tries to run too fast the giraffe will trip on it's own legs and when it gets get back up the horse would already won by now

Is a horse faster than lion?

top speed=Lion=70 mph,horse=61 mph. top speed=Lion=70 mph,horse=61 mph Horses can run up to 40 mph or more. Lions can reach 35 mph, but for only short distances.

Are camels faster than horses?

Unfortunately, no. Horses are faster than camels. Maybe look for this question in answers.com : Can a horse run faster than a camel? Well it seems that horses are faster but I'm not very sure.

Can a giraffe run faster than a horse?

No, a giraffe can not run faster than a horse. A giraffe has a topspeed of 32 mph while a horse has a top speed of 54 mph.

Is a cheetah faster than a horse?

A cheetah would've passed a horse in 1 second. (If it was hungry at the time) Cheetahs have been clocked at 70 - 75 mph in short bursts. Horses only make 25 -30 mph, with a record sprint speed of 55 mph. Yes, a cheetah can run faster than a horse. Cheetahs are the fastest land animals over shor ( Full Answer )

Are dogs faster than horses?

1.The greyhound is considered the fasted dogs going at the speed of 40-45mph. 2. And the fastest horse going at the speed of about 45mph. So in short distance the dog would own the horse but in long distance the horse would win. . Yes the Greyhound is the fastest dog running approximately at ( Full Answer )

Who was samson of The Bible?

Samson was chosen by God to be a mighty warrior. Samson was never to cut his hair or he would lose his strength. He however met a girl named Delilah, who he loved and she wanted to find out how to make him weak (He was from one town, she from another their people were enemies) She asked him and at ( Full Answer )

Are kangaroos faster than horses?

Kangaroos are not faster than horses over short distances. However, they are able to maintain a high speed over a much longer distance than a horse can.< BR> Kangaroos have large, strong tendons in their hind legs which act as "springs". The springing motion requires less energy than running does, ( Full Answer )

Can a lighter horse run faster than a heavier horse?

it really depends on how strong the horse is, what breed it is, etc.... if the horse is light but weak it wont run very fast...but if it is light and strong then it will. also...thoroughbreds usually run faster than warmbloods etc.. so generally speaking, yes. but theres alot more than weight that ( Full Answer )

Why is a horse faster than a dog?

Well actually the greyhound is the fastest dog going at 45mph while the fastest horse only goes at the speed of 40mph.

How can bikes be faster than horses?

A horse is restricted by the pace it can move its legs. A bike has the advantage of using a gear ratio. And when heading downhill it gets even better. Bikes can hit 80 KMH/50MPH, which a lot more than horses can.

What is faster than a horse?

A cheetah is the fastest land mammal on earth so a cheetah is faster than a horse. And so is a gazelle.

Can an elk run faster than a horse?

The horse is a little faster than elk, horse can run 47.5 mph, Elk45 mph, though perhaps in some extreme situations Elk could befaster than a horse.

Is an elephant faster than a horse?

horses could run way faster because elephants are heavier and horses are lighter and have a balanced diet they eat then run

Are horses faster than cars?

Any car in good working order is faster than a horse on a good road. The top speed of a race horse is around 40 mph and that is only for a few miles. Horses can go where cars can not and so would be faster if crossing streams and jumping gullies and hedges is needed.

Is a buffalo faster than a horse?

Proably I doubt it, considering how big and bulky buffalo are with the legs that appear a little too short compared to sleek, long legged horses bred and raised for running fast. This is why the native Americans were able to kill more buffalo once they started riding horses. They could catch up t ( Full Answer )

Did man out run horse in the Bible?

1 Kings 18:46 Then the hand of the LORD came upon Elijah; and he girded up his loins and ran ahead of Ahab to the entrance of Jezreel.

What runs faster horse or camel?

A horse runs faster because of the muscular tendons in its legs this then the Jockey produces the speed needed for the horse a camel can run but it is jumping about more than running and the muscular tendons are less producible and it is also not as fast because of the water in its humps so there is ( Full Answer )

Is rabbit faster than horse?

an 80lb rabbit can run 200 mph. an average 2 lb horse can only gallop at the speed of half and half.

Is a horse faster than a motorcycle?

No. The fastest a horse can go is a racing quarter horse, which can go up to speeds of 55 mph for a quarter of a mile. Motorcylces can go at least wtice as fast for much longer distances.

What runs faster a horse or a wolf?

Although this would be a pretty close match, a horse would be faster. But a wolf on the other hand, is more agile.

What runs faster a wolf or a horse?

a horse of course! haha. a horse because they cover more ground with each stride and a fit horse may have more stamina than a wolf depending on the wolf.

Can a deer run faster than a horse?

The Average speed fastest for a deer is 40 mph, While a horse' top speed is 35-40 mph. So the deer is faster than the horse because the deer isn't really trying. However it has not been tested.

Can donkeys run faster than horses?

No, horses are bigger with longer legs than donkeys. No they cannot, but I am sure they could beat some of the horses I back.

Are ponys faster than horses?

Almost never. For the simple reason that an average adult horse has a 12-13 ft. stride. Ponies, even larger ponies will have a smaller stride so they cover less ground than the horse, and the horse will get to the finish first.

How can a cheetah run faster than a horse?

Cheetahs have very flexible spines, a strong back and hindquarters.They can manage a huge stride length and have the rightPower-to-weight ratio to propel themselves very fast for a fewseconds.

Is a whippet faster than a horse?

No. Horses are the fastest land animal next to the cheetah. But the Whippet is faster than the Greyhound.

Is a horse faster than a cheetha?

No. The cheetah is the fastest land mammal in the world. The cheetah, can reach speeds of between 112 and 120 km/h in short bursts covering distances up to 500 m. It has the ability to accelerate from 0 to over 100 km/h in three seconds. In terms of miles per hour, they can reach around 70 to 75 m ( Full Answer )

Is a crocodile faster than a horse?

Not on land, maybe in water. However, as far as starting time is concerned, a crocodile has a much faster reaction "start" time than a horse does.

Are bulls faster than horses?

That just depends on the situation. In a race, a horse is, without doubt, faster. But when cornered in a corral, both can be just as fast as the other in terms of reaction time.

Can a bear run faster then horse?

Not really. A horse can run a might faster than a bear, and should because horses are absolutely terrified of bears.

Is a horse faster than a hare?

Some horses are fast, others are slow. Some horses are faster than a hare, others are not. This may be due in part to many contributing factors including size, medical conditions, or the gait the horse is using.

Are horses faster than greyhounds?

The greyhound is faster than the horse because it has a flexiblespine that coils and extends to increase both speed and changes indirection. The energy expenditure is very high and, like the cheetah, greyhounds reach a state ofexhaustion very rapidly. Horses have a relatively inflexible spine impar ( Full Answer )