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In the series they did not have there own kits.

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Q: Did Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw ever have kits of their own?
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Do Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight have their own kits not including Hollykit Jaykit and Lionkit?

No. they aren't mates after Sunrise.

How did squirrelflight and brambleclaw break up?

Brambleclaw was mad at Squirrelflight when she claimed Leafpool's kits as her own. She and Leafpool lied to everyone in the clan, including him, so he thought she didn't love him anymore.

Why does Brambleclaw love Squirrelflight?

Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw left on their journey to the sun-drown place together with cats from other clans. On their journey their and back, they get very close without realizing it.Squirrelflight has Hollypaw, Jaypaw, and Lionpaw. (Though they are not really their kits) Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw break up. But get back together. They didn't have kits of their own yet though.

Is Squirrelflight really the mother of Jayfeather Hollyleaf and Lionblaze?

No. Leafpool fell in love with Crowfeather and before they knew it they had kits. Leafpool knew she couldn't be a Medicine cat if she had kits, so she gave them to her loyal sister,Squirrelflight, who she knew would keep her secret, even if it meant lying to her own mate, Brambleclaw.

Will brambleclaw ever forgive squirrleflight?

I believe that Brambleclaw will forgive Squirrleflight. But not for a long while, because of the whole " they're not your kits " thing. If you're wondering why I think this, it's because I believe Brambleclaw still loves Squirrelflight deep don. I think he's just afraid to say so. That's my opinon. Brambleclaw lover17703, I agree, because even when he was in a big fight with her about Hawkfrost he always loved her. But stupid Ashfur got in the way but she never loved him so that doesnt matter. But what I heard is that Brambleclaw forgives Squirrelflight on his death bed which would make it very dramatic and tradgic, and I dont know why, but somehow I dont want that to happen. I want them to get back together before one of them dies, so they can have kits of their own. I really do believe Brambleclaw still loves Squirrelflight and no doubt that Squirrelflight loves him. But it might be a while. I just finished Eclipse but I know all this stuff because of Spoilers. And I am the ultimate #1 Brambleclaw fan dont deny it, you have no idea.

How does leafpool hide the secret of her having kits?

Her sister, Squirrelflight, pretends they are hers and raises them as her own.

Does Brambleclaw still like Hollyleaf Lionblaze and Jayfeather anymore when he finds out they are not his kits?

Yes, he still loves them as if they were his own kits. But he doesn't want them to feel uncomfortable or sad so he keeps his distance.

Why is ashfur a trader?

SPOILER! Ashfur is just plain stupid, I mean he freaks out way too much when Squirrelflight leaves him to be with Brambleclaw. So now he wants to make her hurt. So ya know in Sunset when Firestar gets trapped in the fox trap, Ashfur helped Hawkfrost plan that. He wanted to kill Firestar his own leader to hurt Squirrelflight. Ashfur explains that in the Power of Three when Jaypaw, Hollypaw and Lionpaw are stuck in a fire. And ya know what happens then? He was going to leave them there to burn to death until Squirrelflight came and begged and said they weren't her kits so he lets them go. That is the whole story why Ashfur is an idiot. Brambleclaw is the best! Ok so basicaly Ashfur is trader because his mind is messed up and he couldnt deal with the fact that Squirrelflight always has loved Brambleclaw. So he's a jerk an idiot and everyhting else that is the same. #1Brambleclaw fan in the WORLD!!

Is Brambleclaw better than Ashfur?

It is a matter of ones own opinion if Brambleclaw is better than Ashfur or if Ashfur is better than Brambleclaw.

How can only Lionblaze be Squirrelflight's kit?

While he is most likely Leafpool's son, many believe that Lionblaze may be Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw's son due to his pelt color, size, and Tigerstar's interest in training him, as Tigerstar only visits his own kin. Also, some believe that Leafpool couldn't pull off being pregnant with three kits due to her small size. Edit: Maybe Tigerstar didn't know...And his pelt isn't ginger, like Squirrelflight, or dark tabby, like Brambleclaw, it's golden. I know, Tigerpaw says 'our fur colors are alike,' but they're only alike! Leafpool could pull off being pregnant, because in the books, it says 'even slender Leafpool was getting fat.' Coincidence? I think NOT! Anyway, Squirrelflight's milk never came. Suspicious? Very! Tigerstar said he knew that he didnt have his blood so its not possible for Lionblaze to be Bramble ans Squirrels son.

How did no one know that Leafpool was going to have kits and that squirelflight wasn't?

Leafpool was careful enough to hide it. Squirrelflight ate extra prey to make it look as if she was pregnant, and one night when it snowed, both sisters left camp and made it look as if they had been stuck outside in the snowstorm and couldn't get back to the camp. Leafpool had her kits during that time, and when they returned to the ThunderClan camp, it was with the story that the kits were Squirrelflight's. Since Squirrelflight had not been pregnant, she didn't have any milk, but they pretended that her milk didn't come. Leafpool took borage leaves to stop her own milk from coming. It was a cunningly devised plan to hide her deception.

Does Brambleclaw become leader of ThunderClan?

***SPOILER ALERT*** ***CONTINUE AT YOUR OWN RISK*** SPOILER ALERT Yes, Brambleclaw becomes Bramblestar

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