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Did Tamera Mowry have a baby by pastor Mc Clendon?


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OK, the rumor was about Tia Mowry.

I Lived in L.A. at the time this rumor started and i had friends & family that Went to Mc Clendon's curch... And at the time people speculated because it seemed as tho Tia was extremely close to Mc Clendon & would get all starry eyed at the bishop and she did appear to have a baby bump going on... then she like totally disappeared for a little while...

And to any one that don't think its possible to hide a child, y'all are fooling y'all selves. And to think that just because they appear to be good God fearing church going folk that they would never do anything like that or lie about something like that; Y'all need to wake up and smell the coffee. They are people too and yes they make mistakes.


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