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The Karate Kid is not real.


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Jackie Chan felt like he achieved one of his life goals. Source: I am Jackie Chan, My Life in Action

Jackie Chan learned Kung Fu throughout his childhood and continueing into his adult life because he studied different styles for the movies.

This is a personal question only Jackie Chan can answer.

"I just do it." - Jackie Chan Jackie Chan learned a life long discipline from the harsh implementation of the rules at the China Drama Academy.

Jackie Chan's autobiography is "I am Jackie Chan. My Life in Action". He is currently working on a sequel called "I am still Jackie Chan."

Nope. That is just in Jackie Chan Adventures which is not real life.

Jackie Chan's autobiography is called "I am Jackie Chan. My life in Action". Co-authored by Jackie Chan and Jeff Yang. Published by Ballantine Books. 1998

I'm sure Jackie Chan does have many good friends but that would be part of his private life.

Jackie Chan inspires people by setting a good example through his actions in real life and in his movies.

Jackie Chan has trained in a variety of martial arts so technically can fight, but has never taken part in any competitive fighting.

•He is a famous people in the world. •He have his own company. •His life is a good life and family. •

In his book "I am Jackie Chan. My Life In Action" Jackie relates a story of how he was rejected by a girlfriend when he was still in his teens because he wasn't 'good enough' for her, or at least her father and he says that at that moment he decided that he was going to be a success, to be the best.

There are two answers to this question:1. Bruce Lee would win.2. Jackie Chan would win.There are lots of reasons why Jackie or Bruce would win depending on when they fought, how old they were, and what the rules were. Have fun discussing it.Trivia: In his autobiography 'I am Jackie Chan. My life in Action' Jackie relates a story that Sammo Hung challenged Bruce Lee to a fight in the corridor at Golden Harvest one day. Jackie said that Sammo claimed to have won.

Jackie Chan has achieved many things in his life. From a recent tongue-in-cheek list Jackie wrote about himself - he is an stunt man, kung fu practitioner, actor, kung fu director, playwright, director, singer, producer, business owner, philanthropist, and an international celebrity

Karate for Life was created in 1977.

Quite a few - there are several in English about Jackie, his life and his film making and there are many picture books in Japanese as well as several biographical books in Chinese.

The duration of Karate for Life is 1.45 hours.

No Jackie Chan has not attended university. He briefly attended English Language classes at Dickson College in Australia. He has been awarded several Honorary degrees for his life work. Jackie Chan has a honorary Doctoral Degree in Social Science ( DSocSci or DSSc) from the Hong Kong Baptist University in 1996. He was also awarded an honorary Doctorate in Anthropology from the University of Cambodia in 2009 for his lifetime achievement in the Arts. Jackie Chan also has been awarded Honorary Professorships from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University at the School of Hotel & Tourism Management. Savannah School of Art and Design (for contributions to art, culture and his excellence in cinema) and at the Beijing University Department of Art. Jackie Chan has also given lectures at Harvard University and Oxford University.

Jackie Chan likes all kinds of animals and supports many different charities to protect wild life and stop poaching. He has dogs and cats at home and likes pandas.

autobios are stories that the author writes about their own life, bios are stories that other people write about someone else. For example, the autobiography of Jackie Chan is WRITTEN by Jackie Chan, if someone else were to write a book about him, it would be a biography. So the similarity of the two would be that it is written on the same person.

Jackie Chan was just a stuntman in Fist of Fury. He would have just listened to what the Director and Stunt Coordinator told him to do. If you are talking about New Fist of Fury - Jackie's first movie with Lo Wei and the remake of Fist of Fury with Jackie in the lead role - the answer again would be that he just listened. It was his first movie as a lead actor with Lo Wei and his last chance to make a success of making movies. He had 2 years to prove himself in the industry after which he had to return to Australia to his parents. Source: I am Jackie Chan. My Life in Action.

Karate is everywhere in japan, however it is not seen as karate, its a martial art, its a way of life.

Jackie Chan is a hero to many people for many different reasons, but one of his stunt team has a very special reason for thinking Jackie Chan is a hero. During the filming of a scene on the boat in Rush Hour 2, one of the stunt team, Andy Cheng, fell overboard at the back of the boat, directly behind the propellors. The force of the water from the propellors pushed him under water and nothing he did broke him free from its force. Just when he had given up and thought 'this the end' Jackie reached down into the water from the back of the boat and grabbed his jacket and pulled him out of the water saving his life.

Jackie was a stuntman in 'Enter the Dragon' and "fought" Bruce Lee in the underground fight scene. Bruce Lee accidentally hit Jackie with his stick on the side of his face knocking him unconscious. He did NOT break his neck.Jackie was also an extra and stunt double in 'Fist of Fury'.Jackie and Bruce Lee never fought in real life. This is not the way of true martial artists.

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