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== No, The Ramones wrote My Sharona, but a good cover song of My Sharona was performed by The Number Twelve Looks Like You

WRONG. The Ramones did NOT write My Sharona. The Knack did. Last answer is right. Strange that it is always attributed to the Ramones but My Sharona was written by Doug Fieger of the Knack and appeared on their album, Get the Knack". If you don't own this album I would recommend it along with the better "but the Little Girls Understand" On the trivia front there really is a Sharona, song was written about a girl Fieger was enamored with called Sharona Alperin who has since appeared on later versions of the cover.

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Q: Did The Ramones cover My Sharona?
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What Ramones album was My Sharona on?

The Ramones never covered The Knack's My Sharona.

What year was The Ramones song 'My Sharona' released?

It wasn't. My sharona is by The Knack, released in 1979

Who is on the album cover of My sharona?

"My Sharona" is the debut single by The Knack, released in 1979 from their album Get the Knack. The girl on the cover is Sharona Alpern.

What Ramones CD is My Sharona on?

Those crazy Ramones put it on an album called "Get the Knack" in 1979, there must have been a mix up at the record company. On the single there is a girl wearing a thin white tank-top, heehee you can see her nipples :D

How many cover Songs did The Ramones do?

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What was the inspiration for 'My Sharona' by The Knack?

"My Sharona" was the first single from "The Knack". It was written by Doug Fieger and Berton Averre. The lyrics were inspired by Fieger meeting Sharona Alperin who was to become his girlfriend for 4 years.

What was The Ramones First Album?

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I think you are referring to "My Sharona." This was a big top-40 hit in 1979, and the group that sang it was The Knack.

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