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Jefferson fought for French and British citizens not to be expelled from America. He was in favor of neutrality but he was not in favor of Adam's alien and sedition laws.

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Q: Did Thomas Jefferson expel French and British citizens from America?
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Why did Alexander Hamilton suppprt the british?

All the English speaking colonists of North America were British citizens at that time; the French were their common enemy.

Jefferson was an early defender of?

Jefferson was an early defender of the French Revolution. Thomas Jefferson sided with the French against the British.

What did Jefferson do after british and french attacks on American ships?

Thomas Jefferson signed the Embargo Acts

Where can you find French Citizens in North America?

In Newfoundland

Where did the British and French clash?

in America

How did the French and Indian War affect the modern times?

The French and Indian War affected the modern times because for example, if the British didn't win the America's wouldn't be speaking English. If the French won, then the colonists in the Americas would be speaking French as of today. But since British won, the citizens in America now speak English because our mother country, Britain, won the French and Indian War.

Was the French the first to bring slaves to America?

It is the British which did and then the French followed.

America purchased the Louisiana terriotory from what country?

Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase from the French.

What prohibited American citizens from fighting in the war between Britain and France and barred French and British warships from American Ports it was called?

The Proclamation of Neutrality prohibited American citizens from fighting in the war between Britain and French. It also barred French and British warships from American ports.

Can all british people at voting age vote in an french presidential election?

Only British citizens who are permanent residents of France at the time of a presidential election are entitled to vote. Only French expatriate citizens are entitled to vote overseas in Britain.

The commander in chief of the british forces in America who was to drive the french out of America was?

Edward Braddock

What war went on between the French and their Indian allies versus the British and the British colonists in North America?

French and Indian War