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It is not common that tutor children are required to wear a school uniform. Although, most catholic and private school require one.

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Q: Did Tudor children wear school uniform?
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Do children have to wear school uniform?

Not all children. Only children who go to schools that support a uniform policy have to wear a school uniform, like mine.

Do German children wear school uniform?

No, German children do not typically wear school uniforms to school. Instead, they usually wear their own clothes to school.

What did Aztec children wear to school?

a uniform

Do children wear school uniform in Portugal?


What uniform do they wear in Venezuela?

what school uniforms do children wear in venezuela

Do Italian children wear school uniform?

Yes they doStudents in elementary school wear a kind of apron as their school uniform (white for girls, blue for boys) and secondary students wear a school uniform much like ours in Australia.

Why do children have to wear school uniform?

Sense of belonging to an organisation/unity. Easier for parents. And because individualism results in disestablishmentarianism.

Why do school children In Britain have to wear uniform's and children in American don't?

Britain children have to be more proper.

Do parents want their children to wear a uniform to school?

Yes! we need children to look smart!

What uniform do french children wear for education?

I'm french and I go to french school and I don't have to wear a uniform. But some schools have them. I guess it depends what school u go to.

What does children have to wear to school if their Islamic?

They should wear school uniform, whatever religion they follow. They must follow the rules of the school they attend.

Do German school children wear a uniform?

Most german schools don't.