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NO she didnt kiss a girl before

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Did Vanessa Hudgens ever kiss Chris Brown?


What is Vanessa Anne Hudgens favroite music?

Kiss the girl-Vanessa Hudgens...This is fav music of vanessa hudgens....This music is sooo lovely... And i have a dream-westlife music....

Did Vanessa Hudgens kiss a girl?

Don't know YES

Is Vanessa Hudgens kiss Zac Efron?

he is going to dump her for that girl on hairspr ay

Why Did Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens kiss?

They never kiss....

Did Vanessa Hudgens kiss a guy?


Did Vanessa Hudgens really kiss Ashley Tisdale?


Will Jesse McCartney ever kiss Vanessa Hudgens?

maybe,who knows, plus they kinda look cute together

Did Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens kiss?

Yes and it was hot.

Why did Zac Efron kiss Vanessa Hudgens?

They were dating for a while.

Did Vanessa Hudgens and Brady Corbet kiss?

are vanessa hudegns and zac efron still dating

Will vanessa hudgens and Josh Hutcherson kiss in journey 2?

yes they do kiss as on the other answer vanessa is joshs ''seans'' love interest

Did Vanessa Hudgens really kiss Zac Efron?

yes, vanessa kissed zac... you are really dump how they going to married if they didnt kiss

Did Vanessa ever kiss a girl?

She kissed Ashley Benson in their movie, Spring Breakers.

Is Vanessa Hudgens in love with Ashley Tisdale?

well vanessa hudgens did kiss ashey tisdale on the lips witch is can see the pic on Google images just type in vanessa hudgens and Ashley tisdale and i think it is on the second row.hope this answer your qestion.xoxoxo

Does Zac Efron kiss Vanessa Hudgens in High School Musical 2?


What movie did Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens kiss?

High School Musical 2 and 3

Did Zac Efron kiss Vanessa Hudgens on Valentine's day?

probly she did probly she didnt i think she did !

Did zac ever kiss vanessa pepe?


Did Ashley Tisdale kiss Vanessa Hudgens?

No don't think so!!! They would never do that they are like best friends. Ashley Tisdale wouldn't kiss a girl I know she wouldn't she wouldn't kiss her B.F.F!!! That is discusting. I hope Miley Cyrus didn't really kiss Ashley Tisdale!!! Miley is a good girl!!! Miley would do that if she was a bad girl but she is good.

Has Troy Bulton Ever Kiss Vanessa Hudgens?

First of all, Troy Bolton is a CHARACTER in High School Musical 1st, 2nd, and eventually in the 3rd. Troy Bolton is PLAYED by Zac Efron. Vanessa Hudgens is an actress. She plays Gabriella Montez in the HSM movie series. If you are asking if Troy ever kisses Gabriella then that answer is a yes. He kisses her in the 2nd movie. If you are asking if Zac has ever kissed Vanessa, that question is a yes, also.

Did Vanessa Anne Hudgens tongue kiss Ashley Tisdale?

What the hell where did you get that from whoever though of that has a vivid imagination.

Has Zac Efron ever kissed Ashley tisdale does zac love vanessa hudgens or Ashley Tisdale or both?

Zac has kiss Ashley from Suite life: Odd couples. And no he likes Vanessa! and Ashley is going out with someone else

Did Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale kiss?

Yes. Venessa hudgens did kiss ashley tisdale they kissed because a bunch of Ashley's and venessa's friend where playing truth or dare and venessa's dared venessa to kiss ashley on the lipsHaha!NO!

When did vanessa anne hudgens get her first kiss?

When she was 10 years old and she had to act in school and kiss a guy. Her real first kiss she had when she was 14 on holidays with her friend's cousin :D