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Q: Did Win Kutz divorce Kellie Copeland?
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When did Kellie Copeland kutz divorce Win Kutz?

They separated in 2004 and were divorced within the year.Win and Kellie Kutz were divorced on February 10, 2005. info from wikipedia.

When was kellie copeland divorced from win kutz?

Win and Kellie Kutz were divorced on February 10, 2005. info from wikipedia.

Why did kellie copeland kutz divorce win kutz?

From what I learned from my wife at the time, who works at KCM, Win had an affair with a female who worked for him at the ministry. They are now married and have a child. They were married on March 22, of 2005. Just a month after his divorce from Kellie!

Who did Win Kutz marry?

Win Kutz was married previously to Kellie Copeland. The couple got divorced in 2005 after Win was caught cheating on Kellie.

Is Kellie Copeland divorced from Win Kutz?

Yes, she is divorced from Win Kutz. She married Steve Swisher on July 18, 2008.

Why did kelly copeland divorce win kutz?

Win Kutz was seen by a staff member cheating on Kelly, and Kelly doesn't go down that way

Who was kellie copeland's first husband?

Kellie Copeland's first husband was Doyle Blaine Ward. Her second husband was Alan Win Kutz, Jr., and her third husband and current husband is Stephen Lowell Swisher.

Why did Kellie Copeland Kutz divorce Alan Win Kutz?

I've wondered the same thing - but I'm sure it was something serious, as I know that all of the Copeland's lead a very moral, upright, and faith-filled life. I know she got married very young, and most likely used poor judgment at the age of 19. She seems happy now, dedicating her life to children's ministry and the Copeland ministry.Another answer:Win Kutz was seen by a staff member cheating on Kelly, and Kelly doesn't go down that way. Another answer:Win Kutz was rumored to have been caught cheating on Kellie, but such rumors could have been spread in order to discredit him and to account for Kellie's second divorce. No evidence has come forward to confirm that allegation, and in truth, that family's dysfunctional history would seem to support the counter claim that those rumors were unfounded.Kellie Copeland has been married three times, and divorced twice. In fact, Kellie's mother (Gloria) is Kenneth's third wife. Moreover, the Neece side of the family (Gloria's side) has been plagued with multiple divorces and remarriages, some of which were under less than honorable circumstances.

Is win kutz dead?


Why did Kelli's Copeland divorce Stephen swisher?

Everytime I saw the couple around the ministry, I saw Kellie walking ahead of Stephen as he carried all her baggage. She always acted in front of me with a, "haughty - contemptuous" attitude. Win Kutz was her 2nd. husband and he's a tremendous guy. I can't blame him for leaving her as she seemed to be the Alpha in most relationships. Like the rest of the family they exalt KC & GC profusely. KC & GC liked me but the young ones were hung up on themselves. Preaching the Gospel is severely lacking in their repertoire... Matthew 20:28 the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

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