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a horse has died this horse won but broke all 4 of its legs they had to put it down (die)

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How old does hores live?


When was thoroughbred hores adopted?

There is no such thing as a hore or hores

What happen your hores die on howrse can you get ti back?

You can only get it back if you have a pandoras box, if not no

What is the capital of kuntucky?

The capital of Kentucky is Frankfort.

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in kuntucky where the chickens are

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Mint julep

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it is a shot that you can give to your hores incase your hores gets sick

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The meaning of the word "hores" is from the Spanish language and means hours or time. It is from the Catalonians which are a group of people in northern Spain.

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Call the Turtleman in Kuntucky,

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Churchill Downs, Louisville Kentucky.

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Funny Cide

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first Saturday in MAY

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Bill Shoemaker who rode Ferdinand.

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Up to 30 miles per hour and its spelled horse not hores.

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Kuntucky Fried chicken.

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In Fort Knox, near Kuntucky

What are Roman mules?


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As hores do not exist they are unlikely to have jockeys or managers. Perhaps you should check your spelling.

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Kansas because..... You figure it out

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in the ocaen

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they travel by hores