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Did Al Pacino go by Sonny Scott?

I heard he used this name early in his acting career, but I can’t find any credits for Sonny Scott.

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Laurence Kemmer
2020-04-15 18:57:32

No, but he almost did. He cites a stigma around ethnic last names in the film industry as the reason why: "In the old days, in America, when you had an ethnic name, you changed it. ...It was unthinkable to have a name that ended in a vowel.”

“I was acting when I was very young, and so they said, 'Well you're going into acting, you've got to change your name.' So I thought, 'Sonny Scott'.” In his youth, Pacino’s nickname was Sonny.

He eventually got into New York’s prestigious Actors Studio, where his acting coach, Lee Strasberg, was his first teacher to pronounce “Pacino” correctly. He eventually embraced his name, and he’s said that he’s grateful he did.

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2020-04-28 15:05:01

no but he almost did

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