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Alessandro Volta's wife name is Teresa Peregrin. He has 3 children named

  1. Christian Volta [1765-1839]
  2. Alezandro Volta [1767-1844]
  3. Louis Volta [1768-1845]
  4. Johann Volta [1771-1850]
  5. Magdalena Volta [1773-1854]
  6. Alessandro Volta Junior [1776-1855]
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Alessandro had five kids and his wife was Molly Haris

christiaon volta, alezzandro volta, louis volta, joheimn volta,magdalena volta,& alessandro volta junior

Where did Alessandro Volta Do His Work?

No. Alessandro Volta was an Italian physicist.

yes and he had 3 kids all boys

Alessandro Volta was born on February 18, 1745.

alessandro volta died of a boat yeah dued

Alessandro Volta was born on Feb. 18, 1745, in Como, Italy.

Alessandro Volta created the very first battery in 1800.

Alessandro Volta received the Copley medal in 1794.

Alessandro Volta died on March 5, 1827 at the age of 82.

Alessandro Volta was known for invention of the electric cell and discovery of methane.

Alessandro Volta is remembered as 'the Italian who built the first battery'.

Alessandro volta Alessandro voltaAnswerNo-one 'invented' the volt; it was named in honour of Alessadro Volta years after his death.

Alessandro Volta studied Chemistry of Gases. He discovered Methane by gathering gases from marshes.

Alessandro Volta was inspired after reading an article by Benjamin Franklin on "Flammable Air".

because alessandro volta invented thebattery we can us our portable devices

Alessandro Volta died on March 5, 1827 at the age of 82.

Alessandro Volta, Italian physicist invented the Electric Battery in 1800.

Because Alessandro Volta invented the word volt to measure electricity

Not "Volt" - but "Volta". The unit "volt" was named Alessandro Volta.


yes, alessandro volta did die. he died on march 5th 1827, he was 82 years old.

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