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Yes, Donnelly, Ellsworth and Souder voted for and six reps voted against. List of votes by state can be found at: The House of Representatives provides a list at but it is not broken down by state.

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Q: Did any Indiana congressmen vote for the bailout plan?
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Did any Minnesota congressmen vote for the bailout plan?

Four were for the bill, four against. See names at

Do Americans have any vote in this 700 billion bailout?

Directly NO Indirectly YES (Because the people elected by the citizens of USE were the ones who created this bailout plan)

What was the final vote total on the 700 billion bailout plan?

In the House: 263 Yeas and 171 Nays. In the Senate: 74 Yeas and 25 Nays. Adding links to full list of votes.

What happens to a bill in the senate rules committee?

Congressmen vote if it should be a law or not. Majority rules. If the bill has been vetoed, or rejected by the president, 2/3 of the congressmen must vote yes.

Who work for a group and try to get congressmen to vote for a bill is called what?


How many congressmen need to be present in order for a vote to be taken?


How did they vote on the bailout plan?

They voted on the bailout plan just like any bill passed by the government. When the Bill was initially introduced, it had been rejected by the US Senate on Sep 29th 2008. It was then amended and approved by the US Senate on Oct 3rd 2008. President Bush signed the bill into law within hours of its enactment, creating a $700 billion Troubled Assets Relief Program to purchase failing bank assets.. Without majority in the house the bailout would not have come into existence

How did the House of Representatives vote on the 2008 bailout bill?

They all sat down together and talked about it.

Is it true that the personal staff of Congressmen are able to vote on bills and supervise lobbyists?

Staffers do have dealings with lobbyists, but they are not allowed to vote on bills.

What times are Congressmen and women privileged from arrest?

If they are on their way to a vote or if they dont want to be arrested

Can felons vote in Indiana?

People who have a felony record in the United States cannot vote. This includes the state of Indiana. The Federal government regulates who can vote and who cannot.

Does Indiana register party affiliations?

In Indiana you do not declare a party affiliationwhen you register to vote.