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No, all three members of the Apollo 13 crew survived the explosion and returned safely back to Earth.

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Q: Did any astronauts get killed in the Apollo 13 mission?
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Did any astronaut die in the Apollo program?

Apollo 1- a launch pad test resulted in a fire in the space capsule exacerbated by the fact that, at that time, NASA had a high oxygen atmosphere in space capsules, which greatly intensified the fire. The 3 astronauts in the capsule were killed, Grissom, White and Chaffee.They were the only Astronauts lost in the Apollo program.

Are any Apollo astronauts are deceased?


Did any one die during the Apollo program?

Several people died, but none during an actual mission. Three astronauts died during a fire in the Apollo 1 capsule during a test launch in 1967.

On Apollo 12 did any of the astronauts experience physical problems on the mission?

A few of they suffered from a sore throat and other minor things like cramps in there stomach but nothing to serious.

What were the Apollo space missions where people died?

No Apollo mission had any casualties. The Apollo 1 Fire was during testing, not a mission. The Apollo 13 explosion was tough... but no one died.

What is the future of Apollo missions?

After Apollo 17 there have not been any plans for any moon mission. It was the Skylab and the Shuttle program.

Did any people die on Apollo 11mission?


Do all astrounuats die before returning to earth?

No. Only a few astronauts have died in the line of duty, and very few (and no Americans) have died in space. The most dangerous part of any space journey is the launch and the landing. Three American astronauts were killed in a fire in the capsule on the launch pad during testing before Apollo 1. Seven astronauts were killed when space shuttle Challenger was destroyed during launch, and seven astronauts were killed when the shuttle Columbia disintegrated over Texas during re-entry. At least a few astronauts were killed in aircraft accidents. We believe that the Russians lost a couple of astronauts in space, but this has never been admitted. Several Russian astronauts have died during re-entry or during the landing.

What is the value of a signed black and white photograph of the Apollo 8 astronauts?

Signed photographs of any astronaut is valuable.

Where there any more plans in the future for Apollo 13?

Apollo 13 cant happen again. That was the name of the mission and space craft

How far have humans traveled from earth?

When the Apollo astronauts were in orbit around the moon they were the furthest any human had been from the earth.

Are there any astronauts with a first name of James?

Yes. The most famous would be James Lovell. He was on the crew of Apollo 8, the first one to travel to the moon, although they did not land on it. They orbited the moon only. He was also on the famous Apollo 13 mission, that failed to land on the moon due to technical problems. There was also James A. McDivitt, commander of Gemini 4 and Apollo 9, and James B. Irwin, LM pilot of Apollo 15.