The Undertaker

Did any one see Undertaker vs Undertaker?

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2011-09-12 15:51:23

oh yeah! it waz so rockin' but i didn't get 2 see who won. i

think it waz da real undertaker.

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I didn't see it, when it took place, but I saw part of it on

Confidential or something, and the real undertaker won. You can

tell the difference, between them, if you look real close, and I

hope to find a place to see the whole match someday, but it was

very interesting to watch, what I did see.

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Possibly the best match ive ecer seen

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I saw it it was amazing

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it was so hott! ya the real undertaker won

I love UnDerTaKer

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the undertaker is my favorite wrestler and when smackdown got moved

to a diffrent channel that i don't got or know what it is on, i got

pissed, if anyone knows what it come's on for cable for America

Virginia. post it on ym message bored.

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