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Did any prisoners escape from the Holocaust?

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Once one was actually a prisoner in a camp escape was extremely hard. At Sobibor, one of the most easterly camps, there was a riot: some prisoners managed to flee and to hide in surrounding forests and afterwards to join a group of guerrillas. There were also a few successful escapes from Auschwitz and Treblinka.

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How did Holocaust prisoners escape?

Sometimes the riots let prisoners escape into the woods around their camps.

Was there any way to escape from the HOLOCAUST?


Did anyone help political prisoners in the holocaust not talking about Jews gypsies homosexuals handicapped Jehovah's witness?

Many people, including farmers, doctors, and diplomats helped political prisoners escape during the Holocaust.

Did any prisoners escape from Fremantle Prison?


Where were the female prisoners in the Holocaust?

Yes there were many, many female prisoners during the Holocaust.

Did any Jews escape from the Holocaust?

Yes! There were MANY Holocaust survivors. About one-third of European Jews survived the Holocaust.

How did the prisoners get to the camps in the Holocaust?

The prisoners were transported to the camps by rail.

What is the book escape children of the holocaust about?

Escape: Children of the Holocaust profiles 7 child Holocaust survivors.

How many political prisoners died during the Holocaust?

Around 200,000 political prisoners were systematically murdered during the Holocaust.

Which prisoners of the holocaust were not tattooed?


Did any prisoners in hiding in concentration camps escape to other countries?


How many hours were holocaust prisoners work a day?

The holocaust prisoners worked from dusk till dawn. 12 hours a day.

What were the lucky Holocaust prisoners fed?

In the holocaust there were no lucky prisoners they got fed bread tea and soup only one meal a day

What were the difficulties of prisoners in the Holocaust?

they were starved and killed

Who were the prisoners working for during the holocaust?

The SS.

Did any children of the holocaust try to escape?

Yes they did, infact some of the survivors of the holocaust who died in the last 10 years were escapees.

Where did the prisoners sleep during the Holocaust?

The prisoners slept on hard wooden bunks in wooden huts.

Where were prisoners of the Holocaust tattooed?

on the chest at first, then on the forearm.

How did they gas the prisoners in the Holocaust?

by putting them in gas chambers

Would the prisoners in the holocaust hide their possessions?


What were the feelings of the prisoners at the holocaust?

they not well they were very skinny

How were Nazi prison camps established before the start of the Holocaust different from those created after the Holocaust began?

The Nazis did not plan to murder all prisoners in camps built before the Holocaust

In the holocaust what process do the prisoners undergo after they pass the selection that degrades and dehumanizes them?

The Holocaust camps differed in the ways they treated prisoners after they passed the selection that degrades and dehumanizes them. Sometimes the prisoners were forced to do hard labor and other times they were killed.

Why didn't any Jews try to escape?

Many Jews did try to escape death from the Holocaust. Some were caught and some succeeded. It is because of the survivors that we have an even better idea of the true events that occured during the Holocaust.

How many prisoners survived the holocaust?

200,000 people survived