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Yes someone did get lost on the Lewis and Clark expedition.
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Q: Did anyone get lost on the Lewis and Clark expedition?
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Did The Lewis and Clark expedition ever get lost?


Did Lewis and clark get lost?

Lewis got lost

What was the diet of Lewis and Clark expedition?

they ate nothing. they just traveled and just kept going to find their lost treasure

Was Sacagawea a great guidance?

Yes. She helped Lewis and Clark through raging rivers, dreadful cliffs, and rugged mountains. If Sacajawea never exist, Lewis and Clark would be lost. Sacajawea, helpful and considerate, shown the way for Lewis and Clark. Therefore, Sacajawea was a great guidance for Lewis and Clark on their expedition.Please Do Not Change.

How many people was there left at the end of Clark and Lewis expedition?

the Corps only lost one man on the entire journey. Sgt. Floyd died early on, most likely from a burst appendix, according to historians.

Did the Lewis and Clark expedition pass through Montana?

Yes. A few now famous places that they passed through in Montana: Little Bighorn Battle Feild, Lost Trail Pass, and the Madison Buffalo Jump.

Why is sacagawea know?

Sacagawea is mostly known for helping Lewis and Clark on their expedition exploring the Louisiana Territory for President Thomas Jefferson. America had just gotten that land from Britain after the Revolutionary War. Lewis and Clark were two former soliders. Sacagawea was a shoshone indian girl who took care of her baby while helping Lewis and Clark. She helped them go over mountains and showed them paths inbetween mountains. Without her Lewis and Clark would have got lost and died. Sacagawea treated ingured people. She save Clark when he got bitten by a snake. She was very important.

What would've happened if scagawea would have never helped Lewis and clark in their expidition?

I think Lewis and Clark would have gotten lost because they had never been in that area and no clue as to the safest way to get through the mountains. Sacagawea was their guide and she knew how to bypass mountains and avoid dangerous animals therefore keeping Lewis and Clark away from most danger giving them a safe passage to where they wanted to go.

Why did Chief Cameahwait change his mind about giving horses to the explorers?

Sacagawea was his long lost sister and she was Lewis and clark's friend, so he gave them horses

What are some important Accomplishments made by Sacagawea?

1.) She became valuable as a guide in the region of her birth, near the Three Forks of the Missouri 2.) Served as a great interpreter between the expedition and her tribe, the Shoshone, when the expedition reached that area. 3.) Quieted the fears of other Native Americans, for no war party traveled with a woman and a small baby. 3.) She traded horses so they could get over the Rocky Mountains. 4.) On May 14th, 1805 a great gust of wind tipped one of their white pirogues over and inside were the papers, instruments, books, and medicine. As Charbonneau panicked, it was Sacagawea who stayed calm and gathered up the articles that were floating out into the river. As Lewis said, "The Indian woman, to whom I ascribe equal fortitude and resolution with any person on board at the time of the accident, caught and preserved most of the light articles which were washed overboard." 5.) After reaching the Pacific, Lewis and Clark split up on July 3, 1806 during their return trip. Sacagawea, her child and Charbonneau went with Clark and she guided them perfectly through the Bitterroot Valley, through Lost Trail Pass to Big Hole Pass.

How long is knife river?

knife river North Dakota is exactlly 5 miles and 45 feet long and that is where Lewis and clark found sacageweas lost baby

How was the Louisiana Purchase significant?

It doubled the size of the United States.