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some people say it was cause of tour. maybe he found some one eles. i think its just cause they really dont have ime for a relationship and things just kinda fel apart

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The truth is yes they actually did break up! :(

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Q: Did carlos pena jr and Samantha droke break up?
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Are carlos pena jr and Samantha droke dating?

No there break up sry

Is carlos pena on bigtime rush single?

yes he has break up with Samantha Droke.

Carlos pena jr girlfriend?

Carlos Pena Jr. does have a girlfriend. The actress Samantha Droke.

How did Samantha droke break up with Carlos pena?

Right now, they're dating, so I don't really know how did Samantha broke with Carlos. ]:

Is Carlos Pena still dating Samantha Droke?

no they break up so often than as yet

Does carlos pena have a girlfriend?

Right now he is dating samantha droke.

Who is Carlos pena jr girlfri?

Carlos Pena Jr. is currently dating the actress Samantha Droke. This was confirmed by himself and Samantha during one of his Fan Email videos on his YouTube Channel, in which he said "Yes, I am dating Samantha Droke".

Is Carlos Pena dating anyone?

Yes, he's dating Samantha Droke

Is Samantha Droke dating Carlos pena jr?

I have no more relish how often should I answer this question yet: CARLOS IS SINGLE!! He somehow break up made the connection with samantha june

How long did carlos Roberto pena jr and Samantha droke date?

They are dating right now!

What Carlos pena jr girlfriend's name?

Samantha Droke... If you don't believe it watch Carlos's YouTube channel CarlosPenaTV

Who is Carlos Garcia dating from btr?

Her name is Samantha Droke and i believe she is 24 His real name is Carlos Pena by the way