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Q: Did connie talbot won in Britain got talent?
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How old was Connie Talbot when she was on Britain's Got Talent?

She was six :)

What songs did Connie Talbot sing in Britain's got talent?

Ben and Over The Rainbow.

Did Connie Talbot win in Britain's got Talent?

No, she finished second. the winner was Paul Potts.

Who is Mollie and Josh talbot?

Mollie and Josh are older brother and sister to Connie Talbot the little star of Britain's got talent fame.

Is Connie Talbot the crocodile hunters daughter?

No, Connie Talbot of Britain's got talent fame is the daughter of Gavin and Sharon Talbot. They live in the UK. I think the Crocodile Hunter was Australian. See Connie's wikipedia page for more information.

Who did connie talbot say she signed autographs for at Britain's got talent?

Connie said she signed for the "Cheeky Bits" who performed in the same show.

What is Connie Talbot's phone number?

Connie Talbot fan Contact InformationThe little Star from 'Britain's Got Talent' can be contacted via her official websitewww.ConnieTalbot.comIt is against WikiAnswers guidelines to give direct personal contact info.

What year was Connie Talbot on American Idol?

Connie was never on American Idol. She is a citizen of Britain. She came to fame as a result of appearing on the Britains Got Talent show.

What is Connie Talbot well known for?

Connie Talbot performed as a contestant on Britain's Got Talent when she was only 6 years old. Connie took second place and soon after signed a recording contract, releasing a best-selling album soon after.

Who were the runners up in Britain's Got Talent?

Series 1: Connie Talbot Series 2: Signature Series 3 : Susan Boyle

Who is Connie?

Connie Talbot was a six year old contestant on Britain's Got Talent in 2007. She has become internationally known. Her wikipedia page details her life and career achievements to date.

Is Connie Talbot in the cast of iCarly?

No, Connie Talbot isn't part of the Icarly cast. Connie is a child recording artist who found fame on the show Britains Got Talent.

When did Connie Talbot get famous?

Connie became famous when she competed on the Britains Got Talent show in 2007.

Did Connie Talbot sing for the queen?

No, only the winners of Britains Got Talent get to sing for the Queen. Connie finished second to Paul Potts.

How old was Connie Talbot on Britain's Got Talent?

She was six years old in June 2007 for the initial series of the show. She was born November 20, 2000.

What year did Connie Talbot win America's Got Talent?

Connie Talbot is a citizen of the UK. She finished as runner up to Paul Potts the opera singer on the show Britain's Got Talent in 2007. She has a wikipedia page that details her life and achievements. She is now nine years old. Her last birthday was November 20th, 2009. Related links are provided below.

What year did Connie Talbot enter Britans Got Talent?

in 2007 at the age of 6.

How did Connie Talbot become famous?

Connie was a contestant on the show Britain's Got Talent in 2007. She finished as runner up to Paul Potts the opera singer. She has gone on to become a successful international recording and performing artist.

How does connie tablot look now?

Connie Talbot has grown a lot since Britain's Got Talent 2007 when she was 6. She is now 11 years old. You can see and hear what she is like now on her YouTube channel ConnieTalbotOfficial

Did Connie Talbot win Britain's Got Talent before?

No. She only appeared the one year 2007 in series 1. You can be on Britain's Got Talent more than once but once you have made it to the live rounds you cannot come back again. Remember George Sampson was on in 2007 with Connie but he was eliminated before the live rounds. He came back in 2008 and won it. Britain's Got Talent has a wikipedia page that explains how the show works. Link provided below.

Did Connie Talbot win America's got talent?

Connie has never appeared in a talent contest in the US. Connie, a citizen of Great Britain, finished second to Paul Potts in the 2007 series of Britains Got Talent at just age six. She then embarked on a successful music producing career that continues to build. She continues to attend public school and live a normal but very interesting life.

Is Connie Talbot mean?

No she isn't mean. She is a very nice human being. A bubbly happy child with infectious good humor. Take a look at her you tube videos, especially those about Britain's Got Talent, Voice of America interviews, Connie Talbot and VJ Express and many others.

Did Connie Talbot get any abusers on Britains Got Talent?

No! The judges loved her and so does the whole nation!

What place did Connie Talbot finish in BGT 2007 finals?

Connie Talbot finished as runner up to Paul Potts the opera singer. Britain's Got Talent wikipedia page has details. There are charts and explanations of how the show works and how each contestant that made the live shows did. Link is provided below.

What was the song playing in the background when Connie Talbot of Britain sang the final of somewhere over the rainbow?

The song Connie Talbot auditions for, in Britain's Got Talent, is Somewhere Over the Rainbow sung by Judy Garland. Check out iTunes for other versions of this song, but most importantly.....the song that is playing in the background when the judges are judging her is Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Eva Cassidy.