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No. Those countries which were not concquered by Germany or at war with her could not trade with her, even if they wanted to, because of the allied naval blockade. Michael Montagne

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What is a representative democracy outside of the US?

Besides the US, The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Mexico, Canada, and many other countries are representative democracies.

Who are allies with Norway?

Norway IS part of the UN. and Norway has very good relations with most countries, and good trading relations with the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Sweden and the USA.

What 3 countries are Denmark's neighbors?

Germany, Sweden, Norway

What are some neighbor countries to Denmark?

Norway Sweden Germany

What are 3 countries in western Europe?

Sweden, Germany, Belgium.

What are all the neighboring countries of Sweden?

The neighboring countries to Sweden are Norway and Finland by land, and the Russian Federation, the Baltic countries, Poland, Germany and Denmark by water.

What neutral countries invaded germany?

There were some countries that were neutral during World War 2 that invaded Germany. These countries included the United States and Sweden.

What countries are near or around Denmark?

Ehm... Germany, Sweden and Norway.

What are 5 countries near denmark?

norway, sweden, Poland, The Netherlands, Germany

What countries in Europe did Germany invade?

All except Spain, Portugal, and Sweden.

What is the biggest five countries in the EU?

France, Spain, Sweden, Germany and Finland.

What is Norway's trading partner?

Norway exports to the UK, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Denmark, the United States, and other countries. The also import from those countries. Norway exports oil to pretty much the whole "non opec" world.

Why was Switzerland and Sweden left alone by Hitler?

Because, they promised that they would get in hitlers way and that hitler knew if sweden and switzerland could other a little sheild for germany when they are advancing to other countries to invade. Switzerland and Sweden did promise that they would lend germany some resources if germany didnt invade the 2 countries.

Countries around Denmark?

Sweden, Germany, and Norway are all relatively close to Denmark.

What countries were on sides at the end of World War 1?

Germany , Norway , Sweden and Portugal

How many countries did Germany invade?

All countries in europe apart from england, ireland, spain, portugal, sweden, Finland

Were Sweden and Germany occupied by Germany?

Sweden remained neutral, but a supporter of Germany during WW2. Sweden was not attacked or occupied by Germany.

What are 10 countries in Europe?

FranceItalySpainSwedenGermanyPolandUnited KingdomLuxembourgAlbaniaRomania10 countries in Europe include... IrelandFrancePortugalItalyGermanySwedenRussiaUkraineGreeceSerbia

What countries economies has the fewest elements of a command economy and the most elements of a market economy the United States Germany France or Sweden?


What five European countries border the baltic sea?

There are nine - Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Denmark and Sweden

What countries broder Sweden?

There are originally two countries that borders to Sweden. It is Finland to the east and Norway to the west. In the 20th century, however, a bridge was constructed which connects the mainland of Sweden to Denmark giving rise to another bordering country to the south-west. These are the countries that are somehow physically connected with Sweden. Except these, we have the balticum countries (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia) as well as Russia to the east (below Finland) as well as Germany (straight south) that surrounds Sweden. Poland is to the immediate right of Germany, but is usually not counted as a bordering country.

What countries can be found in Sweden?

Sweden is a country. There are no other countries in Sweden.

What countries have sea border with Sweden?

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Germany and Denmark

Which countries border Denmark?

Germany. Sweden lies next to Denmark as well, but it does not border Denmark

Which is bigger Sweden or Germany?

sweden is bigger than germany