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The dinosaurs, most likely, had dark meat in the muscles they used during long strenuous activities that required stamina and white meat in muscles that they used in short quick bursts; like sprints.

If we look at modern day dinosaurs, we can get a glimpse of what their ancestors may have been like. Birds are considered to be cousins of dinosaurs, if not actually still in the same family. If we take chickens as an example; we all know that they have both white and dark meat. The white meat is made of fast twitch muscles that are great for sprints or very short fast flights. Chickens use these in their breast muscles so they can quickly evade a predator, like a fox, or an ancient fox-like dinosaur, by flying up into a nearby tree. Dark meat in their thighs and legs is made of slow twitch muscles. These are good for long steady walking all day long. Most likely different dinosaurs had different combinations of fast & slow muscles, dark & white meat, depending on how they got their food and stayed away from danger. An interesting fact: we humans have both kinds, a mixture of dark and white meat, in all our skeletal muscles. My educated guess would be dark meat. Think wild turkey.

2007-11-17 07:53:13
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