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No, Mo did. I recommend Wikipedia if you want a details.

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Q: Did farid from Inkheart save dustfinger?
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Who is farid in Inkheart?

He is an immature fire-eater.. He always follows Dustfinger around.. If Dustfinger's there Farid is sure to be too..

Who was the little boy in Inkheart the boy that was drawn in Resa's sketch book?

i think it is either dustfinger or farid

Who is Farid in Inkdeath?

Farid is a boy read by Mortimer Folchart out of the book Tales From the Thousand and One Nights in Inkheart. He is Dustfinger's apprentice and is almost as good at being a fire-eater as Dustfinger by the end of the trilogy. He is also fond of Meggie Folchart.

What happens to farid in the ending of inkdeath?

In the ending of "Inkdeath" by Cornelia Funke, Farid sacrifices himself to save Dustfinger's life. He trades his life for Dustfinger's, and is fatally wounded in the process. Farid dies, leaving Dustfinger devastated over the loss of his loyal apprentice and friend.

Farid asked meggie to read him into Inkheart because he wanted to?

Farid asked Meggie to read him into inkheart because Dustfinger was read in by Orpheus (or somthing like that) but he left Farid behind and Farid wants to find him because he will die because of his marten Gwin

What are adjectives that describe dustfinger in Inkheart the book?

Some adjectives that describe Dustfinger in "Inkheart" by Cornelia Funke are mysterious, loyal, and enigmatic.

How does dustfinger change in Inkheart?

Dustfinger at the beginning of the books is very selfish and only thinks of himself. However, over the course of the books he grows to care for Farid, Meggie, and her parents. At the end of the books he is a much more caring and kind person, than at the beggining.

Who dies in Inkspell?

1st Farid dies because Basta stabs him the Mo kills Basta in revenge but then Dustfinger gives up his life for Farid so Dustfinger dies and Farid lives.

Who plays Farid in the movie Inkheart?

Mo Folchart- Brendan Fraser Meggie Folchart- Eliza Hope Bennett Dustfinger- Paul Bettany Elinor Loredan- Helen Mirren Capricorn- Andy Serkis Fenoglio- Jim Broadbent Farid- Rafi Gavron

Who is the stranger who visits Mo in the novel Inkheart?

The stranger is Dustfinger.

Who is the Arabian boy in Inkheart?

His name is Farid. Farid was read out of the book Arabian Nights by Meggie's Father, Mo. Farid was just a simple servant for the forty thieves. He has troubles with the world outside the book at first, but grows to enjoy living there. Farid also has a very strong friendship with the fire eater Dustfinger. It is made obvious in the story that Meggie and Farid both like each other very much.

How can you show that Dustfinger is bad in Inkheart the novel?

The interpretation of Dustfinger as a negative character/influence on the plot in Inkheart could be shown by his unwillingness to tell Mo what he knows about Theresa, Meggie's mother (although this was probably because he thought Mo could read him back on purpose and wouldn't), his initial attitude toward Farid, his "ferret-like" nature and quotes where the author has revealed the pattern of the character's thoughts. Dustfinger a creature severely loyal to the point of his own safety and needs in Inkheart, however if when he saves his own skin he usually ends up feeling guilty and going back.