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Q: Did glenn Davis graduate from Ohio state?
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What was john glenn's home state?

His home state is Ohio. :)

When did john Glenn graduate high school?

In 1939 John Glenn graduated from New Concord High School in New Concord, Ohio.

What is John Glenn currently going?

Glenn is currently a US Senator from the state of Ohio.

What college did Terry Glenn attend?

Ohio State

What state are John Glenn and Neil Armstrong?

John Glenn and Neil Armstrong were born in Ohio.

What does John Glenn teach at Ohio State University?

i dont no

Where is john glenn's home town?

His home state is Ohio. :)

Where did Ben Carson graduate from?

Ohio state university

Which state was john glenn born?

Former NASA astronaut and U.S. Senator from Ohio John Glenn was born in Cambridge, Ohio on July 18, 1921.

What is the graduate rate of the state Ohio?

The graduation rate of the state of Ohio is 77 people per school year

Did James Whitt graduate from Ohio State.?

of course he smartical!

Who won the Fred Biletnikoff award in 1995?

Terry Glenn from Ohio State