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By 1939 child labor laws were in place and children could not work. So, the answer to the question is no. Children were not working.

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Life during the war was nothing but hardships. mostof kids fathers either joined the war or the navy. Women had to take the men responsibilites like(working the farm, working, cutting wood e.t.c)

Yes they do. Actually, if you go to (See related link below) and then go to data finder you will see world and us topics. Under world click population trends and scroll down to total fertility rate and click on it. That shows you data from every country in the world. Oh and btw Total fertility rate is the amount of kids one women will have over her lifetime. You will notice that women in Africa do have higher fertility rates.

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Before World War II, women were expected to get married, raise kids, and do "lady-like" jobs such as maids, nurses, or do clerical work. That basically all changed during World War II. The men were are war, so someone had to take over their jobs. They considered having children fill in, but society chose the women. During World War II, the women who worked in manufacturing or other factories, were called "Rosie the Riveter." When the men came back from war, they expected to get their jobs back, which they did, but women continued to stay in the workforce. Today, women can basically work for any job they want. As you can see, women made a huge difference during World War II.

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The effects that were on children during World War ll was that the kids started getting illfrom gases.

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I don't think women did any jobs during that time because they were expected to stay home and do laundry, cook meals, take care of the kids, etc. But some women worked as nurses during the civil war to help the soldiers out.

Their were food shortages, property loss, women and kids starved... sometimes to death.

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