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Did ladies in waiting get married in medieval times?


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Woman in medieval times had many jobs like rescuing knights,becoming jewelers,tailors,ladies in waiting,queens,knights(very rarely),they teach wealthy children and do work for their fathers and husbands.

The ladies followed the men, and couldn't vote

They had children more children and took care of them.

The lady in waiting answered to king john the 2nd and his son athur.

It is impossible to answer this because the number can't be known.

Yes they did because it gave them hope through difficult,dark, and murky times.

Laidies were high noble classed woman who had a lot of duties around the castle.

The health of a lady in waiting was good. She normally ran up and down the hallways to find the queen.

They were nobles and they managed estates/manor properties for the king. Some were knights, ladies in waiting, and key advisors to the king. Their children became the people who took care of the queen/kings clothing and needs.

nobles were normal people in medieval times but they were second in the chain look: kings and queens lords and ladies (A.K.A nobles) monks and knights peasents, servants, and fields men

In medieval time the marrage was mostly not your chose. The man and the wife would not meet even before they were married. They married for money and not love in that time.

that's a very clever question! i love it! but im very sure they couldn't...

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In medieval times, the opposite relation to a knight was a vassal.The opposite title by gender is lady. (e.g. Knights and Ladies of the Garter)

No A knight in Medieval times was a protector he competed (joust, sword fight, etc., etc) the ladies were the ones that cooked and cleaned and if you were a nobleman's wife you watched over the manor and made sure it was nice and tidy. And by the way "No" is a really bad answer because it has nothing to do with the question.

The job of a lady in waiting was to assist and attend to women of the noble classes such as a Queen, Princess or Duchess. They tended to be noble women themselves, but of lesser rank. Thanks! I really need this for my school medieval festival. After words I have to write an essay.

He had fame, money and looks, and ladies just fell in love with him.

Yes, there were minstrels in medieval times.

There were no dinosaurs in medieval times.

Well, way back in medieval times, girls would get married at as young as 13. So, probably around 14 or 15.

The typical age for marriage in Medival Times was around 15, but could be earlier or later.

A medieval knight in the middle ages or medieval times was William the conquerer

A medieval bishop was a bishop who lived in medieval times.

For my senior trip im going to medieval times

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