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Q: Did leonidas really kick the man down the well while saying This Is Sparta?
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Who was the king that died that was protecting Sparta from the Persians?

The name of the brave king who died in battle while protecting Sparta from the Persian was Leonidas. He died a heroic death at the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C.

Who according to legend King Leonidas of Sparta fought bravely while vastly outnumbered by the Persian army led by?

Xerxes, the King of Persia. And not a legend - it has sound historical evidence.

Which Greek city state was most militaristic?

Sparta is the Greek city-state best known for having a military society. Known best for the heroic, yet losing fight at Thermopylae of their 300 Spartan warriors under King Leonidas against 100,000+ Persians, while Athens is known for the Acropolis and other monuments, Sparta's only monument is the enduring valor of that battle.

How was Athens not violent as Sparta was?

athens wanted peace while sparta wanted war

Did Athens or Sparta have a strong navy?

Athens had a strong navy, while Sparta had a better army

Who did the work in ancient Sparta?

The helots did all the farmwork and craftsmanship of Sparta, while full Spartans did the fighting.

What was different about Sparta and Athens?

they had different forms of government, Sparta had oligarchy while Athens had democracy. in Athens, you became a man when you turned 18, in Sparta you had to be 30. for money Athens had drachmas and Sparta had obols.

What are some differences between Sparta and Athens?

Athens focused on education while Sparta focused on strength and their warlike abilities.

When did people start saying Really?

Tyrion Lannister says "Really?" to his brother who is forced to chain his hands together in the latest Game of Thrones, Season 4, Episode 6. So they must have been saying it for a while.

Who was the king of the Persians while Sparta and the Persians were in war?

He was Xerxes

Which way was life different in Athens than Sparta?

life in athens was focused on education while life in sparta was focused on the military

What is different between Athens and Sparta?

The difference between Athens and Sparta is:SParta is a oligarchy.Athens is a direct-democracyOne difference between the city-states of Athens in Sparta was that Sparta was ruled by a king while Athens was overseen by a democratically elected group.