Did miners go to school

Updated: 9/18/2023
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some very rich miners got there chirdren tort but not so rich ones tort there chirdrwn

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Q: Did miners go to school
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What is the motto of El Diamante High School?

El Diamante High School's motto is 'Go Miners!'.

I want A degree in mining?

Go to South Africa, Join the Government Miners Training School, excel, get grant go to university, graduate, and Bob`s your uncle!

What time did the miners go undergound?

Miners usually work in shifts. It would depend on what shift they are working when they go underground.

How do you make the Lego power miners aero shredder?

go to,go to power miners, go to "build it" and click on the box that says aero shredder.hope that helped.

Did the miners go to California and Oregon?


When did the Chinese miners go to the gold fields?

in 1853

Why did the Chile miners go underground?

To mine things....

Why did miners go to different places?

miners went to different palces because they seeked for gold and wanted to become rich

How do miners record a claim?

They go poo, eat it, and smile!

What do the coal miners do after they mine the coal?

they go home and get layed

Where did the miners go to the toilet when they were underground?

behind some rocks

Were the miners in Chile coal miners?

No, they are copper miners.