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Q: Did miroku make a western field model 351a double barrel shotgun?
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Where can you buy parts for a Westernfield model 327 EMJ double barrel shotgun made by miroku Japan?

I always start any of my searches for gun parts at Numrich Gun Parts Corp.

What year manufacture is Miroku shotgun that looks like BP99 single barrel with serial number 97851?

No published sn data.

What model and how old is miroku shotgun serial number 47090nn?

You will have to contact Miroku to find out.

What model and how old please is Miroku shotgun serial number sn 74361 px?

You will have to contact Miroku

How do you date a miroku shotgun?

Try Blue Book of Gun Values.

Is there any information on Stirling miroku shotgun 607583?

stirling miroku shotguns were manafactured by miroku for fuller firearms sydney Australia in the 1960s and 70s they were overlooked at the time but now are considered a good gun

What are the best bullets to use for a Miroku shotgun?

Miroku is simply a brand name, like Browning or Winchester. The correct size SHOTSHELL (proper term, not bullet) will be marked on the barrel, such as 12 guage, 2 3/4 inch, or 20 g, 3 inch, etc). The specific shell loading you want will depend on the use of the shotgun- buckshot or slugs for larger game, birdshot for small game.

How old is miroku shotgun serial number 75324NZ?

The letters NZ in the serial number indicate that your Miroku made Browning was made in the year 1991.

What year was your miroku shotgun 6000GF-you made?

No published sn data I know of

How old is a miroku 3700hs shotgun serial no 74053?

No published sn data.

How can you find out how old your miroku shotgun is?

If it was made for Browning you can tell by the serial number.

Value of miroku 4 barrel pistol 22cal?

100-200 USD