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Only fancy pirates wear neck less but any pirate can wear a necklace

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Q: Did pirates wear neck less
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Something you wear around your neck?

Neck less Your Id

Why did pirates wear jewelry?

because they rob ship they steal treausure to get rich and they put the jewellery on they neck.

What is an antonym for scarf as in neck wear?

Shoes because you don't wear them on your neck

Did all pirates wear coats?

Not all pirates wore. But when they did it was the captains who wear the coats.

What did pharaoh wear around his neck?

an amulet neck piece

What did female pirates wear?


What did pirates wear in the 1800s?


Can Lineman wear neck rolls?

Yes, lineman can wear neck rolls. The neck roll is worn primarily by linebackers and defensive linemen, although anyone can, and perhaps should, wear one.

When was Wear My Ring Around Your Neck created?

Wear My Ring Around Your Neck was created on 1958-02-01.

Does one wear a v neck or crew neck undershirt under a v neck sweater?

wear a polo under a v neck sweater. anything really but a v neck t under a v neck sweater. that's a felony i believe.

What is a vicar's neck wear?

A vicar's neck wear is the wrap-around collar (often colloquially referred to as a "dog collar").

Something a tourists would wear over their neck?

A tourist could wear a scarf, necklace, camera, and some tourists wear their jackets over their neck.

What do vetinarians wear?

veterinarians wear a v neck nursing shirt.

Why did pirates wear earings?

because they wanted to do that.

What did pirates wear on their feet?

Wooden legs

How do you wear a scarf?

You put it around your neck.

What is a tye?

A thing you wear around your neck

What do you wear around your neck?

A necklace or a scarf.

What do you wear around your neck in the winter?

a scarf

Something a tourist might wear around the neck?

A tourist can wear a lot of things, e.g. scarf, camera(s) phone with a tag attached that you can wear it onto your neck.

What does a man wear around their neck?

It depends on weather and country, they may have turtlenecks or scarves. Some men wear a tie around their neck.

Why girls wear clear plastic strap bra?

So their bra straps are less obvious if wearing spaghetti strap or a halter neck top.

How do pirates wear scarves?

tied around their head

Why don't NHL players wear neck guards?

Some NHL goaltenders do wear some form of neck protection, but it is not required equipment for 'skaters'.

What did Fred from scooby doo wear around his neck?

Fred wears an ascot around his neck.