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No, in the manga what happens is unclear, but from the information about how demmons are born to a queen demon (Pandaemonium), this would be impossible. In the anime, it would probably not have been possible either, but they both died before any children could have been born were it possible.

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Q: Did rosette and chrono have childrenfrom chrono crusade?
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What is Chrono's favorite food from Chrono Crusade?

strawberrys,rosette,and rosette's lips

In Chrono Crusade is rosette older than chrono?

No Rosette is Definetly younger then Chono.

Does chrono like rosette?

yes (if you go on and and go to chrono crusade /romance /rosette and chrono /strawberry kisses it will help you out on that !)it is proven throughout the anime .

Where did the show Chrono Crusade originate?

The Chrono Crusade is a manga series originating in Japan. It is written and illustrated by Daisuke Moriyama. Set in New York City in the 1920s, it follows the adventures of Rosette Christopher and her demon partner Chrono.

What happens in Chrono Crusade?

Check out the Anime and Manga (but I'm warning you it's not pretty). Here's the Manga Version: Rosette and her brother meet a youkai (demon) named Chrono. Eventually Aion (another demon and apparently Chrono's brother) takes Rosette's brother and starts to gather the 7 apostles or something. Later on Rosette joins Magdala Order along with Chrono. Eventually as the story progress Rosette and Chrono meet a variety of different characters who joins them not to mention they have a few encounters with Aion, and several other demons. Towards the end Aion is supposely defeated and killed. A few years later Rosette passes away while waiting for Chrono to return. (If I remember correctly he returns every so often to put flowers on her grave, along with the others who knew Rosette, and I think that in the manga Azmaria has someone record a video to let [the one women who always fights with rosette] know what happened after she was frozen). All in all Chrono Crusade is a good anime and manga, but and the end Rosette dies in both the anime and manga; while in the manga Chrono is still alive but in the anime he dies along with Rosette.

When was Chrono Crusade created?

Chrono Crusade was created in 2003.

Why did rosette and chrono die?

In the anime both Chrono and Rosette died. Rosette dying earlier than Chrono for just a couple of minutes (i guess) ultimately they both died. Chrono died due to his injuries in his battle with Aion. It was not healed as implied in the last episode by Rosette saying "should activate this watch and let you heal your wounds" which was answered by Chrono with a Big NO. Rosette died because of the watch that when activated will take pieces of her soul in exchange for Chrono to be able to revveal his true form and use his powers. In the manga only Rosette died because in the end it was implied that Chrono is still alive.

Are Aion and Chrono Related in Chrono Crusade?


When does chrono kiss rosette?

Chrono & Rosette kiss in episodes 14 & 18.

How old is chrono from chrono crusade?

Over 9000!!!!!!

Where can you watch chrono crusade tagalog dubbed?

google chrono crusade dub video if not torrent, and download it with bittorent

Is there be Chrono Crusade season 2?

There's no news or indications that the anime series "Chrono Crusade" will have a second season .