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Q: Did russia ban microwave ovens
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Were microwave ovens banned in Russia in 1976?

No. Don't believe everthing you read.

Which type of oven cooks by radiation?

Conventional ovens cook by radiation, as do microwave ovens.

Which uses less energy conventional ovens or microwave ovens?

Microwave Ovens

Were microwave ovens banned in Japan?

No, microwave ovens are extremely popular in Japan.

Why were microwaves banned in Russia?

There was no law that banned microwave ovens in the old Soviet Union, William Kopp made this up for his article many years ago. Several debunkers have trawled the USSR legal code without success trying to find the law - or the law that repealed it during perestroika. One argument goes that if even the Soviets banned microwave ovens, and we all know how evil the Soviets were, then surely microwave ovens must be bad. It is in the same boat as the allegation that the Nazis invented microwave ovens. They didn't (if they had cavity magnetrons available, they would have done what the British did and built accurate high frequency radar sets). Evil inventors developing something that even the evil Soviet empire had to ban, how effective that is as anti microwave oven propaganda. The question is valid given the sheer bulk of comment on the internet, but the simple truth is that microwave ovens were not banned in the old USSR. Urban Myth. No evidence whatsoever to support it.

Do microwave ovens use electromagnetic radiation?

Yes, microwave ovens use electromagnetic radiation.

Is there any radioactive material in microwave ovens?

There are no radioactive materials in microwave ovens: they use microwaves to cook food and heat liquids.

What are some features of cheap microwave ovens?

Some features of cheap microwave ovens are that they can cook things at very high temperatures and some newer microwave ovens even have a convection feaure on them.

Many people use microwave ovens to cook their food. Which option is best described as an engineering endeavor related to microwave ovens?

Researching the way people use microwave ovens to determine how to improve their design

Where can I get the best service center for microwave ovens in Mumbai?

LG is the best company to choose any type of microwave oven. LG is also providing you the different kinds of microwave ovens they are solo microwave ovens, grill microwave ovens, and convection microwave ovens. We will also provide you the best and genuine service center to do service for your microwave ovens. We are having the best and well-trained technicians to give you the best service. Sometimes we need to do service for microwave ovens then call our LG Microwave Oven Service Center Mumbai and book a service request. After booking our technician will call you and reach you at your doorsteps. We will charge for our service because we only provide our service to non-warranty microwave ovens. Our service center is also providing you a 30days free service warranty for the charges paid to our service center. Contact us on 9014205823, 9394157710.

How do microwave ovens kills bacteria?

microwave ovens dont kill bacteria it the way you make the food

Are microwave ovens made in a standard length?

No, microwave ovens don't have a standard length. They come in different sizes.

What are two uses for microwave radiation?

microwave ovens and microwave communications.

Is the Panasonic Energy Star approved?

No, this microwave is not energy star approved. In fact, Energy Star does not currently approve/label ANY microwave ovens. However, most microwave ovens of the same size/wattage use comparable amounts of energy, and microwave ovens use substantially less energy than conventional ovens.

Which manufacter sells the most microwave ovens?

GE (General Elecric) sells the most microwave ovens. They sell approxamately 30% of all countertop ovens (the kind that is most common).

Who invented the microwave ovens?

Percy L. Spencer in 1945 invented the microwave

Why do olives spark in microwave ovens?

because they are not suppose to be microwave

What are the uses for a microwave oven?

Microwave ovens, often shortened to just 'microwave', are used to defrost, reheat, cook or warm food and beverages for consumption.Microwave ovens are used for heating and/or cooking food.

What is better microwave or oven microwave?

This question needs clarification. By definition a "microwave" is a microwave oven. There are Microwave ovens that are built in above a regular stove/oven combination and there are portable or stand alone microwave ovens that can sit on a counter top or on a microwave oven "cart" piece of furniture.

Is there UV in microwave ovens?


How does convection in a microwave work?

Convection microwave ovens combine the technology of microwave cooking and convection heat cooking. It is possible to brown food or even bake cakes in these types of ovens.

Where were early microwave ovens used?

Microwave ovens were used commercially before entering the home cooking market. Raytheon and Litton Industries Inc., both defense contractors, tried to sell microwave ovens in the United States without much success

Do microwave ovens emit gamma rays?

No, microwave ovens do not emit gamma rays. The microwave oven cannot generate the electromagnetic energy of a gamma ray. Not even close.

How was New Amsterdam different from the other colonies?

They eat icecream and pie made in their microwave ovens.

What is good about microwave ovens?

Hi there the good thing about microwave ovens is that the micro wave cooks food like a normal one but it also has additional features to make it cook more like an oven in other special modes. These means you are pretty much getting an oven and a microwave not just a microwave.this is why it is called microwave ovens.