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Did shawnmichaels kill undertaker?

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No he didn't....Shawn Michaels has respect for The Undertaker.

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undertaker won .. it was a awesome match! it is labeled as the greatest match of all time .. they both pushed each other to the limit .. they did their finishing manuevers at lease 4 times each ..

no edge did not kill the undertaker it seems like it but no

Undertaker is living happily with his family. He did not kill anybody

rey mysterio tryed to kill undertaker because it was a qualifing match so mysterio injured the undertaker to win the match.

yes,undertaker was killed by orton and kane -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No The Undertaker is still alive.

Yes, Kane actually killed the Undertaker!

no he did not kill hiss dad.

No, the undertaker did not kill the bigbossman. Big boss man died of cardiac arrest

no i thank undertaker did not kil his mom and dad

1 The Undertaker is not dead,he is paralyzed,and second no one knows who did it to the Phenom(The Undertaker).

orton didnt kill the undertaker im very p****d about it i agree with Kane there will be vengeance

yes he did undertaker admitted he kill them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No he didn't....his parents died by a house fire.

Because Paul Bearer sent him to kill the Undertaker.

no the Undertaker and Kane are not even real bros its just for WWE

yes he did kill big boss man undertaker and edge,christian and gangrel killed the big boss man after the undertakers match

hell no undertaker is in smackdown brand and randy orton is in raw brand

Shawn Michael's probally killed Undertaker after he ended Shawn's career.

Undertaker accidently killed his parents and serverly burned Kane because he was playing with an Latern. When he sat it down he accidently knocked over causing a fatal fire. Actually, the Undertaker didn't kill his parents.

His profession would not have mattered because he had to be alive to kill himself.

Undertaker will defeat John Cena.he will own john cenaundertaker would kill cena if they ever met in the ring together

Yes, Kane does hate Undertaker, because Kane is jealous that he was always walking in the Undertaker's shadow, and now Kane wants to kill Undertaker.

No, the undertakers brother, kane, did.

They say you can't kill the deadman.

No, he just chokes people and they faint.

no they canot because its acting