Did sheamus date any WWE diavs?


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no he did not he is but ugly

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i really don't think so. and who would date him? just asking. and he is sooo white. just saying.

No, Sheamus does not have any kids.

John Cena isn't currently holding any titles right now. The last date he held a title was June 20, 2010 when he was defeated by Sheamus for the WWE Title.

Alot of the younger wrestlers are. ex: dolph ziggler Cody Rhodes sheamus kofi Kingston the miz

Sheamus is at the cherryvale mall today in cricket signing at 4 do you know of any others yet?

well no one knows but on the knight of extreme rules sheamus done his finishing move against hhh 5 times.he might be in hospital but wwe haven't made any updates on him or him retiring that means he probably is.

The Undertaker married WWE diva Michelle McCool on June 26, 2010 in Houston, TX

Considering Cena is getting married in July 2009 I would say he is not considering dating anyone in the WWE

Yes, he dated the WWE Diva Lita in 2001 for four years. She then cheated on him and went on to date WWE Superstar Edge. He also dated former diva Ashley Massaro I think.

No she does not have any relatives that work for WWE

Any WWE Legend can return anytime

no, i heard that they arent going to be wwe for wedensday.

WWE bans any use of drugs or steroids.

No. he did not date any WWE Divas. Orton is currently married to his wife Samantha Speno. The couple got engaged in 2005 and got married in September 2007. Orton became a father in July 2008 to his daughter Alanna Marie Orton.

No. However many of the WWE stars are veterans.

if wwe men are chicken then yes.hahahaha

john cena joined wwe in the year 2001 . the date is unknown . if you want to read avout him go to this site . if you want to read wikia of any other superstar from wwe , tna, ucw , ecw etc. go to

Rico and he's not even a part of wwe any more, why do you want to jump into bed with any star who is gay

No, because WWE isn't planning to return any championships or make any new ones.

watchwweinhd.blogspot gives you WWE Smackdown AND RAW or any others like:NXTSuperstarsWWE Experience (UK)WWE Afterburn (US)WWE Bottom LIne (EU)

wwe cause soccer is does not teach u any thing except how to showboat in wwe they teach u to fight

Batista might leave after recovery from ingury

No. But You Can Always Jump on Your Computer And Get On And Order WWE Merchandise

WWE Dont want him and he not attack any wrestler

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