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Did sonic and elise kiss?


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In the Xbox game...

Sonic dies and Elise kisses him to bring him back

What happened was that a mysterious hedgehog, Mephiles, was trying to get the new characer, Silver, to destroy Sonic. With the help of Shadow, Silver discovers the truth and spares Sonic to help him out. Then, Mephiles impaled Sonic with a laser to destroy him. That made Elise cry, which was to realease the Flames of Disaster, which was Mephiles's whole objective and interest. Elise then gathers with the others to revive Sonic with help of the Chaos Emeralds. Elise then kisses him, making Sonic turn into Super Sonic. Then, Sonic shared his Form with Silver and Shadow to destroy Solaris. Once destroyed, Solaris's true flame appears. Elise blows out the flame, setting back time as if Solaris never existed. At the celebration remade, Sonic rushes through the crowd, and Elise rememebered who Sonic was. Then, it was all a happy ending!

Dude! Sonic Didnt Kiss Elise! Elsie Just had to do it. But its not true they love each other.SONIC WAS NOT DEAD! The Blow pushed sonics soul out but his soul was still in the air trying to go back. HEAR CAREFULLY! Elise said " I Can feel his soul."