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The American Revolution came first in 1776, followed by the French Revolution in 1789 and the Russian Revolution in 1917.

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Q: Did the French or American or Russian Revolution come first?
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Related questions

What came first the American Russian Chinese or French Revolution?

American, then French, then Russian, then Chinese.

Did the American Revolution or the Russian revolution happen first?

The American Revolution happened first. It went from 1775 to 1783. The Russian Revolution happened in 1917.

Which came first the American Revolution or the French Revolution?

The American Revolution. The French Revolution was inspired by the American Revolution.

Which took place first French revolution or American Revolution?

The American Revolution.

Which happened first the American Revolution or the FRench Revolution?

The end of the American Revolution (1775-1783) preceeded the start of the French Revolution (1789-99) by six years.

Was the first man into space Russian American or French?

Yuri Gagarin was Russian, and the first man in space.

Which came first the french or America revolution?

The American Revolution was from 1775-1783 while the French Revolution was from 1789-1794.

Which came first the American Revolution led to an independent US or the French Revolution downfall by King Louis XVI?

The American Revolution came first.

Why should the American revolution be taught before the french revolution?

Only because it happened first

Why did the French Revolution eventually lose support in the U.S.?

At first the French Revolution had many supporters in the US. The brutality and mass executions, however, were not in .line with American values and support for the French Revolution withered away.

Why did most Americans support the french revolution at first?

well, the french were their first allies in the American revolution. and the french went out of their way to help Americans. to ensure that they could be helped again, they wanted to repay their debt to the french by becoming allies with them.

Was the revolution the first war?

The American Revolution was not the first war in America. The French and Indian War took place between 1754 and 1763.

Which came first the French or the American Revolution?

The American Revolution came first. King Louis XV who was the King in France (the one that was overthrown and sent to the guillotine during the french revolution) actually gave money to help the American cause. The Americans could not have won the war if they had not received financial & political support from France.

What was the impact of the American Revolution and George Washington?

he was the first man to fight against the french

What came first the American Revolution or French and Indian war?

The French and Indian War. George Washington was a young officer during this conflict.

What happened in the first Russian Revolution?

Which do you count as the 'first' Russian Revolution, the one of 1905 or the one of February 1917? 1905.

In what ways did the leaders of the French Revolution borrow ideas from the American Revolution?

The French Revolution borrowed enlightenment ideas which had first been successfully put into place in America. Read "the declaration of the rights of man" its littered with stuff that's almost straight out of the American constitution.

How did Americans view the French Revolution at first?

Many saw it as an opportunity to repay France for the support it provided during the American Revolution.

Who came to power after the Russian Revolution?

Vladimir Lenin came to power after the Russian Revolution. He was the first leader of Communist Russia.

When did the first part of the Russian revolution happen?

The "first part" of the Russian Revolution refers to the first of two revolution that occurred in 1917. The first one, known as the February Revolution, began on February 22, 1917 (Russian Old Style date; March 2 New Style) and ended on March 2, 1917 (Russian Old Style date: March 15 New Style) when the Tsar abdicated.

What Russian monarchy was overthrew in the first Russian revolution?

absoloute power or the Czar

What circumstance lead to the French revolution?

The French revolution was caused by inequality between the first, second, and third estate, increased poverty among the peasants after the wasteful spending of Louis XIV, and rumors of the successful American revolution that spread to France.

Why did the first Russian revolution fail?

In soviet Russia The Russia revolution Succeeded

Which country was inspired by the American revolution to carry out its own revolution?

There have been a number of countries which have been inspired by the American Revolution to overthrow various dictators and monarchs. However, the first to be inspired and, perhaps the most prominently so, was France, which had an explosive French Revolution in 1789.

Was French revolution the first revolution in the world?