Great Pyramid of Giza

Did the Japanese attempt to rebuild the great pyramid?

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2009-09-04 21:26:09

In 1978 the Japanese corporation, Nippon attempted to build a 60

foot high pyramid using primitive building techniques (similar to

the techniques assumed by mainstream Egyptologists, which I

personally do not believe*). They were to build it from one blocks

of limestone quarried from the same site used by The Great Pyramid

builders quarried. Once built the Japanese were told by Egyptian

authorities to dismantle it and return the site to its original

state. From the start they struggled with using old and archaic

technology and techniques - even transporting the blocks across the

River Nile proved too difficult so eventually they were ferried

across by steamboat. Teams of 100 men attempted to move the stones

over the ground but failed completely. Once again modern vehicles

had to be used to move the stones but once at the site could not be

lifted in to place. In the end they used a crane and helicopter to

position the blocks.

* My final note: Read the book The Giza Power Plant as it breaks

down from an engineering perspective the improbability of building

the Great Pyramid using primitive stone tools.

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