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Did the Native Americans live in teepees?


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The native Americans of the Great Plains lived in teepees, but not all native Americans did.


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Wigwams,teepees,and longhouses

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Cherokees did not live in teepees. They lived in wood and mud houses. Teepees were only used by nomadic Native Americans.

the native Americans didnt live in tipis only the plains Indians did the native Americans lived in houses

Native Americans are associated with teepees

Yes native Americans sleep in teepees.

Teepees were the housing of Native Americans present in the Great Plains. Since the Lakota people lived in the Great Plains, they lived in teepees.

No. For example the Apache indians lived in pueblos.

No. they do not. but from the 1400's to the late 1800's the native Americans lived in teepees, wigwams,adobe huts,hogans.

No. The Native Americans on the East Coast did not live in teepees, but longhouses. They didnt wear head dresses or ride horses either.

The Sioux Native Americans lived in teepees that were constructed of long wooden poles and covered with the hides of buffalo. They chose this style of house because the teepees were easy to take down, transport, and set up again.

If you're referring to Native Americans, you will find that they live in houses and apartments, with TVs and air conditioners, the same as all the other Americans that came to settle in their land.

they lived in wigwams, long houses, pit housing , and teepees

It is a type of tent that was used by some Native Americans. In English , spelled tipi.

Teepees (or lodges) were used by the Plains tribes as housing and were practical because of the availability of the housing material (Buffalo hide etc.)

Yes Native Americans did live in Arizona

Native Americans commonly lived in teepees and wigwams. Both types of structures were made of animal skins and wood, and were able to be easily transported.

The Aztecs didn't live in teepees because they weren't nomadic. They built cities and farmed in addition to trading with other Native Americans.

Teepees for the Plains/nomadic tribes and Pueblos for the stationary/farming tribes.

longhouses, huts, teepees, wigwams, and caves.


Native Americans lived off of the land. Everything they used and built was made from things found naturally in nature. They lived in caves and also teepees. This type of housing was made from tree branches as well as the hide from animals they had killed.

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