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Yes, there are 2 cathedrals in Christchurch. The famous landmark - the anglican cathedral in the Square, was destroyed beyond repair when the tall spiral tower collapsed into the actual building. The other cathedral (catholic) in Barbadoes Street was also totally ruined and collapsed.

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Q: Did the christchurch cathedral get damaged?
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Is the Christchurch Cathedral one of Christchurch's icons?

Yes it is an iconic Cathedral located in the central square of Christchurch city.

What got destroyed in the christchurch earthquake?

the Christchurch cathedral

What places got destroyed in the christchurch earthquake?

the Christchurch cathedral

Who built the Catholic cathedral Christchurch?

There are dozens of Christchurch cathedral's all over the world, you would have to be more specific.

What effect did the Christchurch earthquake have on the cathedral?

The Christchurch cathedral was toppled over and demolished from the earthquake on Feb 22, 2011. This earthquake did major destruction.

When did christchurch become a city?

In older times, a city required a certain population (20 000?) OR the possession of a Cathedral. The Christchurch Cathedral was started (I think) in 1879. [Earthquake damaged in in construction 1879, and again in 1881, 1888, 1901, and the recent series.] Nelson City was another that gained city status because of it having a Cathedral, even though it had a low population.

What country is the Christchurch Cathedral in?

New Zealand

Ditance from Christchurch airport to christchurch city?

The distance between Christchurch international airport and Cathedral Square is 10.5 km (19mins with traffic) Christchurch airport is within Christchurch city limits

What shocking event occurred in Christchurch on Thursday last week?

I think that it was the earthquake that caused more damage to the Christchurch Cathedral. :)

In which New Zealand city would you find Cathedral Square?


Which is Dublin's pro-Cathedral?

The pro-Cathedral is known as St. Mary's pro-Cathedral. It is on Marlborough Street, near O'Connell Street, which is Dublin's main street. Although it has similar columns on the front of it, it is not the GPO (General Post Office) which is on O'Connell Street.The pro-Cathedral is Catholic, but it is not a full Cathedral. Dublin has two Cathedrals: St. Patrick's Cathedral and Christchurch Cathedral, both of which are Church of Ireland, which is Protestant. St. Patrick's is the national Cathedral and Christchurch is the city Cathedral. Both pre-date the reformation, but became Protestant under Henry VIII in the 1530s and have remained so ever since. As Christchurch retains the status of the city Cathedral, then the pro-Cathedral is not a full cathedral, hence the name. It is not very large and not even the largest Catholic church in the diocese of Dublin. Many other catholic churches in Dublin are bigger. Below you will find photos of the pro-Catherdral, Christchurch Cathedral, St. Patrick's Cathedral and also the GPO.

What is a sentence using cathedral?

The cathedral was badly damaged by the earthquake