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Well actually Anne and her family were hiding from anyone who might rat them out but when the graan police entered the building then they were definatly hiding from them.

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unfortunetly yes

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Q: Did the green police find Anne Frank?
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Quotes about anne frank?

Sorry, I couldn't find any links that were about Anne Frank, only by Anne Frank.

Where can you find the tales Anne Frank wrote?

in her diary, at the anne frank house

Where does Anne Frank find what she long for?

Anne frank long for her diary does not find it because she dies from typhus

Where can you find a free copy of Anne Frank?

You can usually find many copies of Anne Frank at the library.

What colour was Anne Frank's diary?

Anne Franks diary was red and green with a small lock on it.

When did the nazi find the franks?

The Nazis police found Anne Frank and everyone else in the secret annex at 10:30 am on 4 August 1944.

How did the police find annes hiding place in the diary of anne frank?

Well, it didn't say that in the diary of course. But somebody suspected that there were Jews hiding in the building and they called the Gestapo, and Anne and the rest were arrested.

What kitchen chore does anne find boring in Anne frank?

Shelling peas

Does Anne Frank like cupcakes?

In order to find that out you will have to read her book Diary of Anne Frank.

What can you find about anne Frank?

Her life. That goood enough?

Where did you find a copy of the Anne Frank diary?

Her father found it in the secret annex after he was freed from the concentration camps. You can find a copy of the Anne Frank Diary in your local library.

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