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officialy no, but the international (de jure) language is english!

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Q: Did the international community vote for an official international language?
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When did north dakota vote to have english as their official language?


What language lost by one vote to become the official language of America?

No such thing ever happened. It's a myth. No language has ever been voted "the official language" of the United States.

Why shouldn't we take a vote to make Christianity the official religion of the US?

A vote Luke that would cause uproar. There would have to be a ballot representing every religion, no matter how big or small in order to have a fair vote. If we can't make an official language, do you really think we can vote on an official language? This would be a scary place to live!

Was there ever a time in our country when a vote was taken as to what our official language would be?

No. It has always been English.

What are four Canadian rights?

mobility, aboriginal peoples, official language, multiculturalism

Was German ever considered as an official language in US?

The Untied States has noofficial language. It is de facto English, but German was only one vote behind English when the choice was made for the language of the Declaration of Independence.

When did the us vote for a national language?

The United States has never had a nationwide vote for a national language. The Constitution does not provide for nationwide referendums. Congress has never passed any official act requiring English as the official (de jure) language of the United States. English is the de facto national language, in that the Constitution and all federal laws are made in English. There have been many attempts to make English the official national language but these tries have always failed. About half of the states in the US have made English the official state language (including California); many states (including Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio) have no official state language; and several states are officially multilingual or de facto multilingual (Hawaii, New Mexico, Louisiana, Maine).

A vote to remove a public official from office?

The vote is called "recall"

When were American women official to vote?


What is political recall?

to vote an official out of office

What is an official document used to cast a vote?


What vote is needed to impeach an official?

A majority vote by the House of Representatives is needed to impeach an official. The person is impeached and must then stand trial with the Senate.