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Did the kiowa tribe trade with other tribes?


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yes they traded buffalo with other tribes

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Nothing, because they were nomadic hunter-gatherers, not farmers. The Kiowa did trade with other tribes for maize (Indian corn) and other foodstuffs, but otherwise only gathered wild plant foods and mainly ate the meat of buffalo and other game animals.

The tribes that are still active are the Sioux Tribe. The other tribes are not that active. But the Sioux tribe is the most active tribe out of all of them.

Kansas had the Kansa, Commanche, Pawnee, Arapaho, Kiowa, Missouri, Osage, and Otoe tribes.

The Apache have never been a single tribe, but a large number of related tribes speaking related but different languages. The names of the Apache tribes is a complex subject because each tribe has been called many different names by Americans, Mexicans and by themselves; each tribe was made up of several bands, each with various names.Among the Apache tribes are:JicarillaChiricahuaMescaleroWhite MountainCibecueTontoLipanKiowa-ApacheThis last tribe formed an alliance at a very early date with the unrelated Kiowa tribe (hence their name). Although speaking entirely different languages the two tribes lived, camped and hunted together as if they were one people, although the Kiowa-Apache always had a specific section of the camp circle for their tipis.

They are legends at buffoal hunting at other tribes are not.

The slave trade was set up because the victors of African tribe wars would sell the losers to other tribes or to other nations, such as The Carribbean.

if you are talking about the iroquois tribe , it worked with 5 other tribes but sometimes they work with other tribes

They traded with shells that they found near their tribe.The shells showed signs of wealth.A lot of tribes didn't have shells so they traded.

Shasta tribes had ceremonies with other tribes

I think the Cherokee tribe is unique from the other tribes was that they spoke different language. Also, that the ABC was born there.

TheIroquois live in the Northeast, along with many other tribes.What are many other tribes? improved:i know one of them was the Iroquois tribe.

"The nomads" were not a tribe; the Plains culture consisted entirely of nomadic tribes who constantly moved about to follow the buffalo herds. The purely Plains tribes who used only the tipi-style tent were:The Blackfoot and their allies (Blood, Pikuni, Blackfoot, Sarsi)Atsina (also known as Gros Ventres or Big Bellies)Plains CreeAssiniboinCrowPlains OjibweLakotaCheyenneArapahoKiowaKiowa-ApacheComancheOther tribes on the margins of the Plains region occasionally used the tipi for hunting but had other more permanent dwellings for most of the year.

Tha native American Kiowa tribe of the southern plains, prim. Oklahoma.

The Kiowa were semi-nomadic and lived in tepees.

THe Apache never became a single tribe - they are a group of many different tribes, including the Coyoteros, Mogollon, Chiricahua, Tonto, Jicarilla, Kiowa-Apache, Mescalero, Mimbres and many more.

Did the the Iroquois fight with the other tribes like the hopis? Did the the Iroquois fight with the other tribes like the hopis?

In the second half of the book the fate of the Kiowa tribe seems to descend. They fall on hard times.

The Sioux tribe lived in tepees like the other Native American tribes.

There are many subarctic Indian tribes. Some of these are the Eyak Tribe, the Dogrib Tribe, the Cree Tribe, the Carrier Tribe, and the Beaver Tribe.

what type of communication they used

how did the Chippewa tribe interact with americans

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