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Yes, Ford The Car Was Named

After Gerald Ford - named after

his surname ford.

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His first name is Gerald and his last name is Ford.

Gerald Ford is the president, Henry Ford is the maker of the company.

His full legal name was Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr. (until Gerald Rudolph Ford, Sr, died. )

Gerald ford middle name is Rudolph

No..It was named after founder Henry Ford.

Gerald Ford changed his middle name from Rudolff to Rudolph when he was 22 years old.

At birth, Gerald Ford's name was Leslie King.

Gerald Ford was married to Betty Ford.

the spouse of gerald ford was Rachel Ford

His full name was Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr, and he was born Leslie Lynch King.

Gerald Ford was a Freemason.

President Gerald Ford's wife was Betty Ford.Her name is Elizabeth "Betty" Ann Bloomer Ford.

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Michael Ford, John Ford, Steven Ford, Susan Ford.

gerald ford was known for helping a young boy of the name david border to see how life really is !!!!do to abuse of his father !!!!gerald ford was a older guy that will be never forgot for life!

His name was Leslie Lynch King. ( Ford had his name changed when his mother remarried.)

Yes he did her name is Susan Elizabeth Ford Vance Bales.

Gerald R. Ford Sr. was the second husband of the President's mother. He legally adopted her son in 1918, when his name was changed from Leslie King to Gerald R. Ford. His mother was Dorothy Gardner.

Who was the President Gerald Ford Secretary, the first name was Linda what was the last name


Yes Gerald Ford was a Mason

Gerald Ford He was born as Leslie Lynch King, Jr. His mother remarried and Ford adopted his step-father's last name, Ford.

Gerald Ford had one daughter, Susan Ford.

Gerald Ford was 61 at his inauguration.