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Yes, some Native American tribes did fight with other Native American tribes. Some tribes even kept other Native Americans as slaves or hostages and destroyed villages.

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Yes, there were conflicts between various Native American tribes.

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Q: Did the native Americans leaders have conflict with each other?
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What are some of the sources of conflict you can imagine arising betwen the english and native amricans?

There were a lot of reasons for conflict between the English and the Native Americans. The most significant one was the heavy tax that was levied on the Americans. On the other hand, there was no representation for the Americans in the parliamentThe government exploited the native population as much as it could and punished any resistance mercilessly

What caused conflict between the colonists and the native Americans?

It was the fighting with the native Americans that caused all the conflicts between them. One of them were that when settlers came and sellted from europe,asia,africa spain and many other places.

How did sacajawea's accomplishments affect them or the world around her?

She stood as and role model and example to other native Americans and young leaders around the world.

Who were the leaders of the expedtion that thomas Jefferson sent to explore the west?

Merriwether Lewis and William Clark (they also had help from Sacagawea and other Native Americans) .

What group of people were excluded from the declaration of independence?

Women, African-Americans, and Native-Americans

How founded massachasetts?

John Winthin an other Native Americans and other Americans

What is one mistake about Native Americans that other people often make?

what is one mistake about native americans that other often make

Why did Jamestown settlers have conflicts with the Native Americans there?

The settlers of Jamestown in the colony of Virginia clashed continually with the Native Americans who lived nearby. The colonists were not thoughtful when it came to planting crops and often had to rely on the Native Americans to keep them from starvation. Other sources of friction leading to conflict where things like settlers refusing to marry native women, and the enforcement of Christianity over native customs.

What was the conflict with the Trail of Tears?

There was no "conflict" other than the United States army walked 4,000 Native Americans from GA to OK to move them onto the reservation from their native lands. It was dead winter and many young, old and infirm people died on the route. This is why it is called the Trail of Tears.

How many Native American death sentences did US President Lincoln commute when the Great Sioux Uprising was ended in 1862?

US President Lincoln commuted the death sentences of 260 Native Americans who had been captured during the Great Sioux Uprising of 1862. Many other Native Americans were killed in the conflict. On one day alone, the largest mass execution of Native Americans took place in 1862. Thirty eight Native Americans were hanged on December 26, 1862.

Why were the Native Americans first Americans?

When the Native Americans arrived, approximately 10,000 years ago, no other human beings were living in the Americas.

What is the unemployment rate for Native Americans?

The USA Government does not release the numbers on Native Americans. They do on Asians, and other nationalities.