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No, the south did not really leave the union after the war. the south needed the support and assistance of the union so they could not have left.


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The south wasn't allowed to leave.

they wanted to leave the union because couldn't nullify the Tariff of 1816.

I belive South Carolina (South Carolina)

The south left the Union because they believed that their way of life was better than the North. They wanted to be a independent nation.

they threatened to leave the Union and secede from it

on the day they left. which was a while away :D

The south wanted to leave the Union because they wanted to become an independent nation. They believed that if they had an independent nation, they would be able to keep their traditions and ways of life, including the institution of slavery.

The South wanted to leave the union because of slavery.

South Carolina seceded on December 20th 1860.

because they were upset wwith the members and money baby

South felt if they had the right to join the Union they could leave it

Well the Union did not like slavery and the south did not so they left to create there own laws and allow slavery.

They said that the USA was a voluntary assembly of states, and any of them could quit the Union at any time.

Texas leave the union in Texas

They were the first to leave the union and took the south with them. They basically were the immediate cause of the civil war

Because it was the state that had always championed the cause of States Rights.

Apparently not. The South thought they had voluntarily joined the Union and therefore could leave it whenever they wished. The North disagreed and since the North won the war, they must have been right.

the south thought that the north were undermining there authority and believed that the North wanted the opposite of what they wanted which was to stop the spread of slavery.

Nope - other way round. South Carolina seceded from the Union, followed by a number of other Southern states, to form the Confederate States of America. In 1865, they were forced back into the Union.

The south was going to leave the union and president lincoln knew it would destroy the future

South Carolina, Florida, missippi, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas

The union was very large and had a good economy. The south had really good generals like Robert e lee

The South thought that they had the right to leave the union because of "states rights." This obviously made the North mad and is one of the reasons for the Civil War.

Based on the election of Abraham Lincoln to the US presidency, South Carolina left the Union on December 20, 1860.

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