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Did they have school buses in 1939?

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Have school buses always been yellow My uncle says his was red and blue in 1940?

Yellow became the colour for school buses in 1939, so till then and for a while after 1939 it is conceivable that buses were a different colour than yellow.

How were buses needed in 1939?


What is the collective noun for school buses?

The collective noun is a fleet of school buses.

Do school buses have babies?

No they don't because school buses are not living creatures.

How are school buses safe?

School buses are known to be the safest veichels on the road.

Where do you get wiring schematics for international school buses?

Wiring schematics for international school buses can be found through the original manufacture of the school buses. These schematics can be used by auto mechanics when the buses need to be repaired.

What color are school buses in Europe?

There is no set colour for school buses in Europe. Europe has about 50 countries and they have lots of school buses of all sorts of colours.

What did school buses look like in 1970?

School buses looked the same as they do now.

Different types of buses?

There are many types of buses. These include customized buses, full-sized buses, school buses, mini-buses, double decker buses, tour buses, and party buses.

How much money do school buses cost?

School Buses are any where from 75 k to 100K

How many yards is a school bus?

Buses, particularily school buses, vary in size.

Where are buses housed?

The school keeps their buses in a bus barn.

Are there any school buses in Walt Disney World?

Yes there can be school buses in New York City.

Will school links buses run in snow and ice?

If any buses are running, all buses should be; however, if you have any questions about whether certain buses are running, ask your teacher or school administrators. If any buses are not running, cancellations of routes/buses are likely to be posted with school closings information on television, radio, or whatever source you get closings information from.

Do some school buses have stereos?

Yes, such as a Blue Bird Vision, but only some school buses are compatible.

What has the author Gavin Martin written?

Gavin Martin has written: 'London buses, 1929-1939' -- subject(s): Buses, History

Why are school buses yellow?

I think school buses are yellow because not many cars are yellow so they will stand out more. School buses are painted chrome yellow for its high visibility Also because the federal safety people say it has to be. So technically yellow school buses are a federal law

Is a bus yellow?

Not all buses are yellow but most school buses are yellow.

What is a school analogy for the Golgi apparatus?

school buses

Why are the roofs of school buses white?

The roofs of some school buses are white because these buses are air conditioned. The white roof deflects some of the suns warming rays.

Where can I find school buses for sale?

Ebay or Craigslist, maybe? has a lot of used buses for sale. I'm not sure if they will sell to private owners or not. has school buses.

Why are school buses important?

School buses are important because they transport students who live in the country to and from school. They also transport students to activities and ballgames.

Are there greener school buses?


Who sells school buses?


Why the school buses are coloured yellow?

All school buses are yellow because if they weren't yellow, they wouldn't be very easy to see in the dark. If people couldn't see school buses, then many people would miss the bus. Yellow school buses in the dark are easier to see than dark colored buses would be. If school buses weren't yellow they wouldn't be easy to see in the morning when everything is dark. Since buses are yellow, they catch your attention better than any other color. The main reason school buses are yellow is because safety rules and regulations require school buses to be yellow. The color yellow was picked because the black lettering on a yellow background can be most easily seen against that color.